Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometimes she just looks snappish.

Um, the pace in hot yoga was a little different today. Different guy was leading and uh, they seem to have picked it up considerably. I still managed to (kind of) do all the poses, though I wouldn't say well...or perhaps even passable...but you know. Whatever.

I'm watching the Olympics completely out of order...caught up on watching the American women's gymnastics this morning after yoga...ouch. Ok, so yes, I agree the Chinese ladies seem to be totally could even say it's painfully obvious.

I keep meaning to buy some Equus tickets online, October is getting alarmingly near (wtf?)...of course, this also means buying a couple tickets to New York...luckily, having two best friends in Washington Heights and Brooklyn cuts down on at least one expense! And then we'll eat soda crackers while we're there for food, it'll happen!

And for the record, even though I now have to pay for my airline tickets, I'm still glad I don't work for that fucking airline anymore. I always knew it would end up being too Stepford for me, but it was just a test of how long I could last. Sometimes when I'm driving somewhere--particularly on the weekend or at the time I would normally be driving out there, I think to myself, "Hey, at least I'm not driving out to work at [that airline]!"

And I fucking smile.


SkylersDad said...

What gave away the fact that some of the Chinese girls are under 16?

Was it the pacifiers?

Ellen Aim said...

I swore I could hear the faint sounds of a rattle...