Friday, August 22, 2008

I think you're either gonna come back a hero...or a real good anecdote.

So I have been swimming lately at my gym, in an effort to switch up my workout routine. Freestyle, not the biggest pool, but damn. Does that ever kick my ass. Wow. And I even bought goggles and a hair cap...though I must not have put the hair cap on properly, as my hair still got wet. Bobby pins next time, we shall see...otherwise, wtf?

But at least I'm not sore today.

Although, speaking of really bad ideas, I realized I had never self-cleaned the oven. So I'm not using the oven tonight, I'm using the grill. So I thought hey, let's do it. Omfg. NOT a good idea in TX in the summer. Jesus. It's a little warm in there now. I'm letting the Middle Eastern burgers and cucumber/yogurt dip do their marinating thing, me having a glass of wine with BSG and y'know what? I just can't be in there anymore. Frack me, is it ever HOT!!!

Completely unrelated, I am going to sit down with my LSAT stuff this weekend and do a dry run. Really. And I won't be drinking wine and watching BSG or Olympics while I do it. (Closing ceremonies on Sunday, baby!) Although I like to think of those as "extra challenges," i.e., if I can do it while doing those things...ok, just kidding.

Also trying to figure out how to beef up my application, I mean, anything would help, because I got nada. It occurs to me I could work for the Obama campaign...and the funny thing is, I tried to google a few different ways to work for the campaign here in my area...and it really wasn't working too well. Like it's just too obvious, I can't even google it. It reminded me of the guys in Office Space looking up "money laundering" in the dictionary.

But this is all so tentative and me just thinking out of my ass.

Way more importantly, at the moment, are the Middle Eastern turkey burgers that need to go on the grill (and the cucumber-yogurt dip needing to come out of the fridge), and the BSG that needs to be resolved. Cause omg, what's gonna happen??


Triana said...

Dude, I don't know how people keep their hair from being wet with a swimming cap. I took swimming lessons for 6 months, 3 days a week and never got it right. My hair was always soaked. Most of the other girls' would be too. It must take some special skill.

Where are you in BSG?

SkylersDad said...

My wife is a kick-ass masters swimmer. She told me the cap isn't supposed to keep your hair from getting wet, it is supposed to just keep it tidy and from getting all over the place. She also told me to tell you to put conditioner on your hair before you put the cap on, and it will keep the Chlorine from wrecking it.

Ellen Aim said...

Triana: Oh good, it's not just me!

And DUDE!! At the beginning of season 2.5...Admiral Kaine (Ensign Ro!) and Captain Adama just ordered each other's assassination!!

SkyD: Omg, thank you! I would have NEVER KNOWN! I guess it is nice to have it out of the way. And thanks too for the tip on conditioner...will do!

Veloute said...

See, I always thought your hair would stay dry. I had no idea.

Good for you for exercising! Very inspiring!

How did the LSAT run go?

Ellen Aim said...

I know, right? wtf, news to me.

"exercising" is putting it mildly.

LSAT did not happen, as I dicked around Saturday and then was sick all day Sunday (dude, I totally barfed birthday cake, wtf is up there).