Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm looking forward to seeing you in action. Jack says you've got a great big cock.

So I actually had a much better voice lesson this morning! He still really likes Ordinary Miracle, which still annoys me due to both the fact he assumes (?) it has religious overtones and because it's much easier for me. If it's so easy for me, why am I there?

But also, he was much more into Lubbock or Leave It this time (possibly due to my saying, "And here's the one you were less crazy about..."). He asked if I knew what city she was talking about (not realizing the title, I suppose). But of course I do, anyway. Apparently he grew up near Lubbock and even got to see Buddy Holly play a few times. No, I did not kill him in a jealous rage. Though he insists they didn't hate Holly in Lubbock. I did not argue, how asinine would that sound?

I don't want to say it's COOL outside, because I think it may still be in the upper 80s, but by god is it a change of pace. I'll take it! Bring on the storm!

This is really embarrassing to admit, but I'm fighting these bitches on ebay for a complete box set of Ally McBeal. I just really have a craving to watch it again (I watched it in Japan, ok? Fuck off.) It has never been released, so let us not ask from where this comes. But it is real, no doubt from another country; it's NTSC, Region 1, etc., so it's all good. Bitches is making it pricey. It goes off in three days and I'm trying to lay low after already getting in a bit of a snit bid-wise. Tryin' to be cool.

Ok, time for Thai food and more Arrested Development!


Anonymous said...

Um...."fighting" and "for Ally McBeal".....isn't that some kind of contradiction in terms?!?! And here I thought you was cool!

Ellen Aim said...

Oh well, sorry to disappoint. It's not as if I'm buying Friends, after all...