Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes, they're jeans. And they're in order. Don't mix 'em up!

Dr. Baltar, in just how many ways and how many times can you fuck humanity over, anyway? Wow.

I watched Smart People with dinner tonight, and I was pleasantly surprised!

It's not that I wasn't expecting to like it, it's just that movies like that tend to let me down; I want them to be more. I'm not saying I need to own it or anything, but it was very enjoyable. Not a lot, you know, happened, but the characters were great--not completely unlikable--and the actors were great. I totally didn't buy that there was any chemistry between Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker, but hey, small point. It had more than enough going for it that I actually want to write a review.

As far as campaign fun goes, the events coordinator here got back to me first, so I may end up writing content for my county's Obama site. More on that as I know more...hope it's something I can do at work, too!

Completely unrelated to everything, there is THE BIGGEST GODDAMN SPIDER living around the outside lights above our garage. He is huge. Like, I saw him from the street early one morning. And he's still there. We named him Filbert for absolutely no reason, except in hindsight there is some mild alliteration fun when you say, "Don't fuck with Filbert." Seriously. He's huge. He could eat a cat. I'm not messing with him.


Anonymous said...

Baltar is actually a cylon.

Ellen Aim said...

Your mom's a cylon.


Veloute said...


Okay, we need a picture of this spider.

Ellen Aim said...

I'll see if I can snag one. He lives above the garage, so he's up kinda high. I have a 300mm lens I may need to trot out...oh wait, that's my film camera. Fuck. Ok, no picture for you, sorry.

Veloute said...


Surely you can get us a picture.