Friday, July 13, 2007

Dear Josh, we came by to fuck you, but you were not home. Therefore... you are gay. Signed, Tiffany and Amber.

WOO HOO! NaD is back! I'm in Denton at the moment so I can't download it to my ipod. It can keep me company on my way to work tomorrow, which is more appopriate anyhow.

But since I'm in Denton, I can finally post my Tomato pics. I did set up a Flickr account at Triana's encouragement but I'm trying to figure a few things out first, like how to put them in the order I want people to see them. Right now it's doing it backwards and pissing me off. I think being on my own computer may help as well.

You figure there's a reason.

This jukebox was trapped in 1991.

Upstairs or down? One was non-smoking and I never could figure out which. Who the hell wants to sit downstairs anyway?

The grain befits the setting...

This never was a clean establishment.

Trash would sit there for hours.

This table was a bit much, even for the Tomato...

Yes, those are cigarette burns.

Don't they, though...

But jesus this place had killer pizza. And REALLY cheap beer. And clearly, a terrific atmosphere for a college student. (The filth was somehow twenty times more striking when I was there taking these pictures, not that I didn't notice it when I was eighteen, though).

And as I've mentioned before, it was being shut down so that Barnes & Noble/Walgreens/Starbucks can go in. Everything cool about Fry Street is almost gone, but this I think place held the most nostalgia for us. People torched the Tomato before it could be demolished and now it has been brought down by the wrecker. It is at this moment a rubble pile. (And unless the thunderstorms prevent me I'll try to swing by to take a picture of said rubble pile to depress the living hell out of the ex-Dentonites).


Alex has sent me three more. In my own defense, most of mine were taken during the day but regardless, these just look so much cooler. Far more artistic, as photos of The Tomato should.

View of the cool copy center across the street.

some crazy people.

And here below we have such a cool treasure, and oh my god is it depressing. It's seven minutes, but it's edited down and worth it. Great sound (NSFW or small kids)--these guys got there nearly from the very beginning. Complete with small explosions near the end. What a day and age we live's like you were there. (Don't know how titillating this will be for non-Dentonites, but the uh, dialogue is hysterically bad. So funny and painful all at once...not that I would have had anything better to say).


Triana said...


Yeah, flickr and I have fights about the order of pictures. You have to plan your attack from the end and work your way to the beginning.

Ellen Aim said...

Woohoo! Good times. Totally sad, and is it wrong that I think it was a cool way to go?

I will remember this about flickr. Otherwise cool, I just need to remember to download backwards!

Triana said...

I like something about how the people took charge of the fate of the Tomato. I mean, it was kind of a bad choice, people could of have gotten hurt, more property damaged, but none of those things happened, so it's ok (unlike this sentence).

Yep, just upload backwards, it takes getting use to. Let me know where you are on it!

Veloute said...

Wow, I always forget how, um, gross the tomato was. How long had it been yellow?!

And how many times can one say shit? Fuck? Holy shit?

What did we do before video cameras?

Veloute said...

Someone's car got melted?

I don't think it's such a brilliant idea myself, but perhaps I am an old biddie.

Triana said...

Oh gads, I missed the bit about the car.

Nah, it wasn't a good idea, it was really stupid honestly. They're damned lucky nothing like the whole block going up or people dying happened.

Disgusting place, wasn't it? I mean really gross. Maybe it's good we just have our memories.

Ellen Aim said...

Tri & Vel: It was a very bad idea. But it was the IDEA of the idea I salute. It shouldn't have been carried out, but it came from a passionate place and I gotta respect that.

But melting people's cars? Way uncool, however unintentional. That's why you don't really do it.

And that video is why you should leave the audio turned off when you record.

Veloute said...

I am just now noticing the graffiti on the ceiling. Now that's class.