Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lenny, why don't you go and see if you can visit the cockpit. Tell them it's your birthday.

God my job is lame. Some days it bothers me more/less than others. A position has opened up I can technically apply for within my own department. I just don't know if it's really all that less stupid than what I do now. Luckily, my philosophies of "Change is (usually) good" and "Whatever makes the day different" (again, preferably GOOD things or even NOT BAD things, if you don't mind) are working for me here and will make me apply.

But hey, that's more than enough about my crap job. You know, I always thought The White Stripes was a band to make fun of. I'm not even sure I'd heard all that much of their music, but I heard the new single, Icky Thump, on All Songs Considered (it's from a May episode, I'm behind) and damn if that wasn't cool. A very good car song.

Especially when you have a stupid job. It makes me happy when I drive. I understand one out of every five sentences. Good times.

And speaking of All Songs, the latest episode features the new Spoon album. I have a soft spot for Spoon since I spent some time in Austin and also used to listen repeatedly to Kill the Moonlight in the darkroom. That and Nickel Creek's debut album (on which I have the original album cover, not that fuckin' bland-ass religious-tinged looking re-release) will forever remind me of printing my B&W photography. And they are both rockin' good albums. (Ok, that may be the first time anyone called a Nickel Creek album "rockin'" but it's damn good for sure).

But you know what? The newest Spoon single they played? I didn't really dig it. It may grow on me. I think they're going to be in DFW in November, but I'm so used to Austin shows (by which I mean paying $10 to see a band) that it would be a little weird to see them in a Dallas venue. Meh.

Also, moving on to movies, Black Snake Moan was pretty decent. Not sure I need to see it again but it was MILES AND MILES better than that turd of a Craig Brewer film Hustle & Flow. God that was painful. This was, on its own, nicely different from most films. Everyone in it was good (duh) and I enjoyed it. Damn, even Justin Timberlake was good and I didn't realize that was him til afterward. Hey, I'm not a hip lady and if you haven't figured that out yet then I just can't help you. But if you ask me, any boy band member who goes on SNL and sings Dick in a Box is OK in my book.


Skylers Dad said...

I like Timberlake when he and Jimmy Fallon do the Bee Gees talk show.

Singin bout chest hair and crazy-cool medallions...

CinemaslaveJoe said...

Loved the title of this entry. I just rewatched "That Thing You Do" a few days ago, which is why I recognized it. That's one of the greatest "fluff" movies ever.

And Black Snake Moan is the best movie I've seen so far in 2007. I liked Hustle and Flow a lot more than you did, it seems. I gave it a very enthusiastic recommendation on the 'Slave after I saw it.

"Dick in a Box" is the rare comedy skit that I actually find funner each time I see it, It didn't impress me on the first airing, but it makes me laugh now.


CinemaslaveJoe said...

BTW, I talked to Mary Jo Pehl of MST3K yesterday... did you know she's living in Austin now? It's the place to be, it seems.


MacGuffin said...

Dude, The White Stripes ROCK!

Al said...

De Stijl from The Stripes is kick ass.

I too watched Black Snake Moan this week at home. What an odd little film. I couldn't work out if I was meant to feel uncomfortable, or whether to view it as a black comedy.

The music was great though, and the archive footage of Son House worthy of my time.

Ellen Aim said...

Skyler'sD: I think Timberlake probably has a pretty good sense of humor, which makes me tend to think he's ok. Even if I'd rather *not* listen to him sing...

CSJ: I adore TTYD, so cute. Some people knock it and I'll never know why.

Hustle & Flow...that movie just took itself Way. Too. Seriously. for me. BSMoan was decent. I have a suspicion it may grow on me.

And I had no idea she was living in Austin! That town is ALWAYS the place to be. Sniff. Miss it still.

Macg: I never know when you're mocking me...

Al: Right on, great music, easily one of the highlights. I'm still working it out myself. It's going well, I think it really might grow on me.

MacGuffin said...

Seriously, they totally rock.

Ellen Aim said...

Sweet. I will check out more of their stuff!