Sunday, October 31, 2010

You might think there's an explanation. But you would be wrong.

Wow, who wants to hear about MY creepy night? It IS Halloween I suppose.

So first, I'm taking the T home and this really weird man with his bike finally gets my attention. To hear him tell it, he was trying to get my attention for ten minutes. End of the story--I am totally cute/beautiful/whatever and would I like his number? No, I'm married. Ok, do I have a dollar? Or a quarter?

Because there is nothing hotter than getting hit on by someone in need of a quarter.

Oh, wait it gets hotter, but with a different man.

So I get out of the station and I'm rounding the corner. An Asian man passes me around the corner and VERY DELIBERATELY grazes my crotch (wait, it wasn't) with his hand. As if he was just happening to round the corner and he bumped into me and grazed me. Now I had my hands in my jacket pocket, so he actually just grazed my hand, since it was planted in my pockets. BUT. I actually SAW IT HAPPEN. I saw him move his hand and *intentionally* graze me.

So I guess I wasn't feeling very passive.

I already exert my stress through walking. I walk VERY LOUDLY, especially when wearing heels. And I was. And this guy? I'm sorry, but passive sexual groping REALLY pisses me off.

I fell in step behind him and amplified my footsteps. More and more. And we only live 3-4 minutes from the station. I was practically STOMPING behind this bastard. And he kept awkwardly glancing behind himself, but not looking at me. Normally I would have assumed I mistook something--but sometimes you definitely know. You're not even remotely unsure.

There is nothing creepier than those passive fucking creeps who think they can get away with groping, grazing, fondling, whatthefuckever they think they can get away with. I had to turn off to my apartments while he kept walking. I left off with a parting, "Perv!" as I stepped off the path. (And no, it was not clear where I live!)

What a slimey, slimey shit.


Triana said...

EEEEK and EEEWWWWWW at the same time! Some people really need to be smacked!

Anonymous said...


>:( Creep.