Monday, November 01, 2010

You took a moment. I saw it.

I wish Bourdain didn't feel the need to come sit next to me on the sofa just to unleash farts. Wow.

Anyway. YAY November! I have Kat Edmonson to look forward to on Wednesday!

Also, guess what I am typing on??

That's not mine but it looks JUST LIKE MINE!! YAY! I have been trying to switch over all my files from my online backup, but it's going much slower and is more confusing than I expected. We'll see...

It is very sexy. The only thing that kinda drives me batshit crazy about my new laptop is the cursor keeps changing into an all-directional arrow and changing the size of the web text to MINISCULE or GIANT. I would REALLY like to figure out how to TURN THAT OFF. Or at least control it. Wth? It's completely arbitrary, as far as I can tell so far. :(

It's definitely getting chillier here in Beantown and I have about a month of classes left. Which is cool, except for the part where I need to start actually learning my business law stuff. *cough*

49 days til Texas time!

And completely unrelated to anything, Comcast FAIL. We were having problems with the cable--a few channels weren't coming in, one of them being Fox. Normally, who the fuck cares, right? But Fox shows House, action had to be taken. (To be fair, I'm sort of disliking this season, too. Muh.)

So the guy comes out--luckily AFTER The Rally to Restore Sanity--and it takes him kind of a while. He tries 3 or 4 different things, actually. One of those things? Yeah, involved TAKING MY DVR BOX. He switched it out originlly to see if that was a problem and it wasn't. He never mentioned, "Oh btw, this has all your TV shows on it, and I'm taking it." That fucker was like 80% full.

And I mean 80% full of things I'd barely admit to watching, let alone seek out on my own...but Comcast IS going to make it right. Oh yes. They THINK they found it. GRRR. Jesus Christ. (Srsly, who does that??)

Anyway, I do at least have ZOMBIES to look foward to! I've heard some really great stuff about The Walking Dead...great scares and gore...our temporary DVR has that one little thing waiting for me!


Mob said...

I'd be stabbing bitches over the missing cable box thing. Seriously.

Ellen Aim said...

I hear you. But luckily, bitches' lives were spared, and the box is back.