Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jim's on his honeymoon, so I started using his office to fart in.

So I was watching 30 Rock and for some reason someone mentioned Teddy Ruxpin, which I swear to god I hadn't thought of since 1985. I never had one, but I think a friend did...but I really remember Teddy Ruxpin from the 80s. And I blame commercials, totally.

This commercial is kinda fucked up, actually. "Hey, if you're a total loser, Teddy will make you cool!"

This came up, too, and I remember this commercial really well, probably because I thought the dolls looked evil and I remember really hating them...

But I also looked for a couple commercials for some toys I had but whose commercial I didn't necessarily remember...oh, like very first Barbie was Day to Night Barbie (back when grammar was still used properly), here's her commercial:

And let's not put Peaches & Cream Barbie in a corner...

You know, as many Ken dolls as I guess there were, we never really had more than 1 or 2. Alex had the Ken doll for so long, until I think he got left at a friend's house? I think I had a Ken doll at one point, but I guess he's just not as much fun to dress up? ;)

And then there were commercials for games I remember...I used to really want to play this for some reason:

...and in retrospect? Well jesus that seems like a boring game! I do remember finally getting to play it at a friend's house...I guess it was fun at the time?

Ok, time to see Santa (with the big Maker's Mark billboard behind him, lol) at the Macy's Day Parade (I wish I were in NYC right now!) and then back to my paper and agency reading. Just a little, then some cooking. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Ah, Barbie.

Remember this one?

Ellen Aim said...

HAHA, YES!! I could not find this one, because I couldn't remember her name, although yours was named Angel and had no neck, lmao.

I think I got one, too at one point. I had totally forgotten yet totally recognize that awful dress.

"You're MY angels!" VOMIT.

Veloute said...

Oh yeah, that comment made me a little green.

I remember when her neck broke. Sigh.

Don't forget "Pretty in Pink" Barbie! Oh, I just remembered something else I'll have to email you about. Hahahahaha!

Ellen Aim said...

You know, I don't really recognize "Pink & Pretty" Barbie...but!

Apparently I had "Loving You" Barbie and "Crystal" Barbie!!