Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I'm sure she's quite stupid and in time, gravity will get her.

Mouchette has his e-collar on again. :( I think Bourdain has been picking on him more and more, so both his ears have gotten irritated with tiny wounds that get exacerbated when he scratches. So back to the e-collar. This is always the most intensely pathetic and depressing exercise.

Speaking of depressing exercises, I'm done with trial team for at least two weeks. Yay! We get a new case just after Thanksgiving at which time we re-compete with other teams for one, smaller team. One of the coaches who will make that decision came Sunday to "evaluate us" but then left in the afternoon before I got to advocate. Ouch, thank you so much for that vote of confidence.

But all that matters right now is this:

1) my former legal writing professor asked me to come talk to her first years today about exams. I was totally secretly hoping she would ask me. :D I remember how helpful it was last year to have a 2L come talk to us, so I'm looking forward to it. Without going, "HAHA, SUCK IT BITCHES!" Ahem, *cough*...

2) my seminar paper outline was due by 6pm tonight. I sent it to my professor by 10:30am (so I'm DONE for now, DONE!!!) because

3) at 6, I will be well on my way to House of Blues to see...


I was calling to see about how parking works, when I noticed the website says all the tickets are general admission. I was like, huh? Dude, my ticket says row B, it don't say nuthin' bout no general admission, it says "box center."

"OH. Ma'am, you have a box seat."

Oh. Sweet. It was the same price, so I probably got there first, plus I'm going alone. (Again, thank you for that lesson, Paul Simon concert.) Honestly, I'm torn between being in front of the stage and isolated off in my little side box...but I'm older, so I also like sitting down and sipping on beer. ;)

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