Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sir, you sound like the mall Santas when they come back from lunch.

As so often happens, this is old and just never published...

It can't be that bad of an evening. First of all, I had a really, really great time seeing Sara Bareilles last night. I was stunned how packed the place was, though. Apparently it sold out months ago, and what's even stranger? House of Blues is about 4x bigger than the Dallas location. Not that Bareilles isn't worth it, I just didn't think she had that big of a fanbase! When I got there, I was instantly reminded of the Katy Perry show I saw in Dallas. Crazy.

The last time I saw SB was the night before I flew out to upstate NY to hit Cornell with Veloute. I went to each of those shows by myself and each was really incredible. I was especially happy to hear an uber-jazzed up "Bottle It Up," which was the first song of hers I heard that made me wonder who was singing...

...and that was my old post.

Back to today!

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I need to knock out a bunch of work on my corporate complicity paper, study some evidence and really study some agency law. And I also got a new case for (mock) trial starting in December. Double homicide, anyone? Woot.

I still need to see the new Potter, however much it may suck. Far more likely, however, are the odds of seeing a completely different flick. Well, so this new movie came out today and it's probably really wretched, but it has Anne Hathaway. And I kinda have a big huge weak spot for Anne Hathaway. It has Jake Gyllenhaal, too, but I'll be watching it for the lady. ;) I can't even be bothered to drop names; for one thing, it took me like a month to remember what it was called, it was so forgettable.

27 days til Texas, that's all that matters! And however much it will suck to come back, I do at least have a happy little ticket waiting for me on the fridge for the second week of January...

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