Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thank you so much.

Ok, I just have to say how much I still love The Closer.

I missed something a while back cause I don't remember Brenda and Fritz getting married--I know they were living together and engaged, but I must have skipped half a season somewhere. Anyway, I've been keeping up with it this new season and though I haven't seen this week's, wow, last week's? That one had some balls at the end, I was impressed. Consistently great show.

And though I have been cooped up since Thursday night, I have snuck in a couple other shows here and there. (Including The Daily Show and adding, "That's like bringing a fart to a shit fight," to my arsenal of retorts, thank you, Jon Stewart.) I watched the first disc of Smallville, which is completely cheesy and silly. It's fun to watch while doing other things. I also saw the first episode of Being Human.

I have no idea who recommended this to me, but it has great potential. First of all, it's British. Secondly, it involves vampires, werewolves and ghosts and it's mostly dark drama, but still with plenty of moments of levity. Seems like the sort of thing Alex would recommend, but I really think it was someone on fb...

And it's still pretty outside. Sigh. I had a less than great night of class Thursday, feeling lost in the material, so I couldn't in good conscious take L up on her offer afterwards to go see Machete. After hearing her raving reviews the next day, however, it is top on my list of treats to myself when I manage to see daylight again.

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