Sunday, September 19, 2010

Your hair is so gorgeous. I wanna chop it off and sleep in it, man.

Woot, 900th post! How depressing, actually. But anyway.

Today was meh. So I came home and watched A Civil Action. I'm pretty sure I saw it in the theater years and years ago, but I couldn't really remember it.

But lately, I admit it, I've been eagerly willing to watch any movie involving court room litigation on the off chance it helps in any way, shape or form. Because whatever happens in the movies and TV is real, right? Plus the film takes place in Boston (well, technically Woburn, which since living here I have learned is pronounced Woo-bun), and it's always neat to see your little town on the big screen.

And yet, I have not been reduced to watching Boston Legal. I gave that series one or two discs before giving up. It was quite possibly one of the most annoying things I've ever seen, 80% of which was due to William Shatner's character. (I'm chalking the other 20% to gratingly self-aware dialogue.) Trying to fit my fist in my mouth would have been more entertaining.

Anyway, A Civil Action. Jesus, what a downer. I can see why I kinda forgot about it, too...

I also started season 2 of Californication.

Ok, so it's not getting any originality points, but it's really great to have on the computer while I'm drinking and cooking. I did have a very nice weekend full of cooking, which with any luck, will last long into the week.

And since I proudly flaunt my shame here, I also got to revisit a really awful 80s movie last night courtesy of Netfux's instant download. (It was unavailable for ages, but they released it on instant recently. It seems as if it might be nice for them to mention this, but whatever. Maybe they were too embarrassed.)

Ah, Maid to Order. This is not a good movie at all but it was great to see the other role Michael Ontkean ever had (well, that's not true, I saw him in something else one time, somewhere....). He looked really young but this was only 3 years before Twin Peaks. And you know, I think it's the realization of how old Twin Peaks is that makes me feel old, not seeing this piece of shit again. But it was still great to see this again, however sorry the content--they had WALKMANS! They were HUGE! Almost as big as everyone's hair.

And hey, Ally Sheedy's always cute. In fact, I suddenly have an urge to watch Short Circuit. Well...okay, maybe not quite yet.

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