Friday, September 17, 2010

She doesn't have any hair on her vagina. Do you think she's okay?

So two people this past week apparently have had dreams that I was pregnant. (Sounds like a nightmare if you ask me.) But one was funny. My friend D emailed me:

D: [Train Wreck student we know from law school] was working as a nail stylist at a salon. I don't remember why you and I were in there (I don't think either of us were getting our nails done!), but she and I got into some kind of big argument. For some reason, my uncle, an OB/GYN in California was involved in the story as well. You may have been pregnant. Later, one of our professors had a transcript from class where [Train Wreck] had said "Constitutional Law is a totally dead area of the law", and I think she was going to get kicked out of school because of it. For some reason *I* owned the transcript (like maybe I had typed it up in class?). And then you, fearing that [Train Wreck] was going to retaliate against me, killed her!

EA: That's strange, I was just on facebook looking at the pics [Train Wreck] posted of her new apt and was fighting THAT SAME URGE TO KILL HER. [Insert catty comment about her furniture], but it's the location and view that made me want to kill. Hey, as long as I'm preggers I won't get the death penalty, so there's that.

D: I don't can't make the movie this afternoon but you still expect me to help you beat the murder charge?

EA: I expect you to help me beat the murder charge AND hide the body!

D: I haven't taken Professional Responsibility yet. Can I do that?

EA: I haven't taken PR yet, either. So we're golden.

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