Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ok, you're giving me that look like I just finger-banged your cat....

So my friend L turned me onto Californication. The first season was on instant download, so YAY, but the rest I have to get in the mail.

L was stunned I hadn't seen it yet. I believe her words were, "It's totally obscene and inappropriate, I can't believe you of all people don't watch it." And I must say, I absolutely approve. (Of the comment and the show, in case that was unclear.) It has some great lines.

It has been really gorgeous in Boston for the past few days. I have enjoyed watching it from INSIDE while studying. Sigh. I was really wanting to sneak up to Vermont for a day or two but then one of my arguments got rescheduled for Tuesday, so there went that...

Soon. Soooooon....

There's actually a bad-ass little doughnut shop written up on the back of one of my old Fine Cookings, and where should it be? About an hour from here! Hells yes I'll drive an hour for doughnuts with a write-up this good. It may require further investigation, though, since there's little web info about it other than to note it was potentially "temporarily" closed in 2009 for renovations? And they aren't answering their phones. Though it is 1:30pm, not really peak doughnut shop hours.

Sigh. It is really pretty outside. Stupid pretty weather.

And speaking of my argument, it's weird. I'm representing the State and reading a bunch of SCOTUS decisions that support my case. A lot of them are from the 70s and 80s, and there's often a dissent by Marshall and Brennan-- with which I have to disagree! It's hard to retrain my brain to argue the opposite of Brennan--and I don't really like it! In "real life," I don't support the side I'm arguing. (Though to be fair, it's nothing I'd fight a big battle for anyway.)

On a completely separate note (hopefully), I'm on the second installment of The Walking Dead that L loaned me. I'm really liking it so far! I can't wait for Halloween when the show comes out--the trailer looks really promising, which my dad sent me.

And Halloween is on a Sunday this year, so that will make for a nice evening.


Veloute said...

I could use a trip to VT with you!

I was resisting Californication, but now I'm intrigued.

Ellen Aim said...

Oh no, cave in, it's really fun.

And yes please, VT now!!!!!!!