Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now it's like Jaws 3. It's personal now.

Well that was close. I went to lunch in Brighton at my dive lunch hole--you know, the place where the guy was licking his plate that one time--and if my timing had been worse, my car might have been towed! So Boston is a city that periodically cleans the streets, but only during certain months and on certain days in those months. I'm always careful about signage on the streets, but when you park somewhere all the time, you kind of forget.

And it's that time of year! The 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, from 12-4, these streets get cleaned and you can't park. I started to pull into a spot and a guy waved at me not to park there. I was a little confused, because I know I can park there (as opposed to 85% of the time in Boston, in which I am not at all sure and just hope for the best). I rolled down my window as I drove past and saw them towing the two cars in front of me. "Street cleaning!" It was 12:43. Those poor people. So I'm really glad I hadn't left an hour earlier!

Also, I think I mentioned I was in a trial competition a while back. I got eliminated fairly early for my taste, and so did my friend L. We actually both got knocked out in the same round, and we were both disappointed (though admittedly glad to have our lives back). I think we're both pretty good (though we've also both conceded that maybe we just have an ego problem).

So I got an email from L this morning with a photo of a flyer with a photo of one guy and one girl, with her subject line: "Now taking wagers." Well, the two people we went up against are now the two finalists. So there's that, confidence-wise.

My girl did a pretty kick-ass job before, so I've got two martinis riding on this.

Not that cattiness isn't also alive and well in the state of Massachusetts. So while I do like the girl who beat me--not only did she do a really good job, she seems nice--I stopped myself from friending her on fb. I looked her up, but stopped short. I even admitted it to L in a brief text:

EA: "I was going to friend [redacted], but couldn't help but notice that her few likes include 'pancakes' and 'Edward Cullen.'"

L: "First of all, I would just like to say how proud I am that I had to look up 'Edward Cullen.' And secondly, that is hilarious."

(Okay, okay, of course we all like pancakes, but that's sort of the point, isn't it? Who takes the the time to 'like' pancakes? It just seemed...weird.)

Anyway. Still rootin' for my horse tonight, even though I'll be in class!

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