Sunday, October 30, 2011

Polly got in one good peck before that cat killed her. Good for Polly!

So I was listening to the 7/19/11 All Songs Considered podcast Cry, Baby, Cry: Songs That Make You Weep. Apparently they got over 8,000 entries. It's a 49 minute show but I think they said they were going to try to compile a blog with their favorites.

Apparently Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton did this installment in Bob's living room with tissues and wine. (They didn't want people to see them crying at work.) And fucking Robin told the most goddamn depressing story about the cat he'd had for fifteen years getting hit by a car right before he had to go into work (at NPR). I mean the cat even fucking died in his arms, it was heartwrenching. And so this song makes him think of his cat (it's a song from a cat's perspective) but in all honesty it's a fun song, too.

I switched back over to my regular itunes library after that since I was trying to finish my legal memo... :(

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