Saturday, November 05, 2011

Goddamn it, I knew I should've listened to my mother. I could've been a cosmetic surgeon, five hundred thou a year, up to my neck in tits and ass.

Ok, one ethics test down. I have no idea how that went. All I know is I don't want to do it again. I also feel like the older I get, the worse I am at multiple choice. At least it was a good barometer to warn me just how brutal and serious my bar studying will have to be. :/ Good! Times!

I left the test center in Brookline and stopped off at Parish to treat myself to a Zuni Roll for lunch. Parish is a delicious upscale sandwich place on Boylston (the yuppie part of town) where well-known/established chefs in the city have each created their own signature sandwich. I see other sandwiches come and go around me, but I cannot stray from my Zuni Roll: smoked turkey breast, crisp bacon, chopped scallions, dill Havarti cheese and cranberry-chipotle sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla and served warm with a side of homemade potato salad or cole slaw.

It's always insanely busy, so there's that. Even trying to get a solo seat at the bar, which is what I do 95% of the time, is not even close to a sure thing.

I came home and worked for about twenty minutes before succumbing to a (goddamn well earned, thank you) nap with the kitties for a little over an hour. I'm also supposed to Skype late tonight so a nap was no doubt in order. But I've been dutifully working on my international moot court problem. I still have so much to do on it, the research is positively daunting. A rough draft is due Monday and I assure you, even calling it a "rough draft" is pretty embarrassing.

Because I have am having difficulty finding suitable cases or incidents that reflect our fact pattern, I am inadvertently learning much about international strife, little of which I knew previously. Which is good, EVEN IF IT'S COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT TO MY WORK.

Tuesday morning I am going to go watch the hearing for a case to which I was previously assigned but had to withdraw. I've mentioned it previously, but that was so frustrating. I really hope the new lawyer does a good job, otherwise it will be hard to watch! But more likely, he'll do it well and make arguments I wouldn't have and I'll be all, oh. But I guess that's why they call it a clinic. :/

And in TEN DAYS?

Katy Perry, baby!! :D Even if it is in Connecticut. :/ I also lucked the fuck out and was not chosen to have my mock motion to suppress the day AFTER the show, but two weeks after. (Thanksgiving's in there. That is so fucked up. Thanksgiving in THREE WEEKS!? STOPPPPPPPPP.)

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