Sunday, October 23, 2011

This is our receptionist, Pam. If you think she's cute now, you should have seen her a couple years ago.

Hey, it's still October! Just barely, but whatever. I did not get to go apple picking this season and doubt I will get the chance, which is disappointing. Sadface.

I am also doing a very piss-poor job of trying to get a job. I have applied for two fellowships so far, that's it. One of them is one I absolutely will not get, but it would be a dream job. It involves working for an NGO I really like, and at the suggestion of the professor for whom I'm an RA, I wrote to my old supervisor (the lovechild of Wil Wheaton and John Krasinski from Texas) at my summer job to see if anyone had ever worked with them before. Naturally, someone has, and it is the woman I worked with quite a lot and who was intimidating as hell, very smart and assertive, but who we all really liked and wanted her to like us. OF COURSE.

But I still managed to man up and write her an email. Yay. (Strangely it was easier a month ago when I wrote my senior attorney for a letter of recommendation...)

Went to a law school function last night in an effort to be social. Meh. My friend S got a room upstairs for home base, like she often does. It was great to see our set of friends who hung out upstairs, I found it far more preferable than being downstairs around the douchebaggery. Also A's boyfriend Sean and I spent a good amount of time upstairs diplomatically sharing the remote between the Rangers and Bruins games. Neither of us was pleased with our team's outcomes, but at least the Bruins only lost by 1. Can't say the same for Texas. :/

I had D come get me before it was over and meet me at the hotel bar. They were--no shit--giving away free Ketel One-infused martinis/cosmos/something else I forget that were all pink and therefore in support of breast cancer. That they were free strikes me as contrary to the cause? Maybe Ketel One was footing the bill? Who knows. I just had one, however, since I had so much to do today.

Which I am clearly not doing right now.

It is grey out and there seems to be a distinct lack of motivation in this room. The whole apartment, presumably. I went to get a coffee from downstairs in a weak attempt to force myself to get things done.

Oh, but in other exciting news I will be going to Rhode Island either this or the following Friday to meet our client we're representing in the Innocence Project. Seems a shame that my first trip to a state is to go to the prison, but whatcha gonna do.

Ok, back to trying to suppress some drugs, write up discovery motions, read about 1,000 pages worth of international treaties, write an interdisciplinary-themed chapter about the philosophical underpinnings of human rights, and write a motion for a new trial. I will not go watch The Colbert Report. No!

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