Monday, October 24, 2011

Of course she doesn't like to. No one likes putting a dick in their mouth.

Yay, I'm off to Rhode Island this Friday to meet our client from the Innocence Project! The crime originally took place outside Providence. I have to say, the cast of characters that make up this case (quite a few) have me seriously questioning the class of that town. To be fair, this was the early 80s.

Completely unrelated, I forgot to mention I saw Bill Maher the Sunday before last! Very good show.

I have to agree with my friend L, however, that these days I prefer Real Time to his stand-up. I like his older stand-up, but it seemed a little canned this time around. Still a lot of fun and plenty of good laughs. Oh, and the front of the Wilbur Theater is all little tables rather than rows of seats. I had chosen a particular table when I bought the ticket, but was unsure which seat I was assigned until I got to the theater. The woman who sat me pointed to the chair right up against the stage. First time for everything! :D And I did not hurt my neck looking up the whole time, either!

The Friday prior to that I got to see a new print of Bringing Up Baby which somehow D had never seen before.

It's still just as good as last time I saw it and it was even more fun to see it in a theater full of people who also love it. (Sometimes Boston can be pretty cool. I guaran-fuckin-tee you that would have been one dead-ass theater back in Big D.)

And then randomly this past weekend D and I caught a screening of 50/50.

It was enjoyable enough...if you don't know, it's a cancer movie for guys. Which isn't to say it's not also a tearjerker. I did have a few issues with it which I think were intentional issues but still bother me a bit because I think they'll still go over the heads of most guys. I can't really go into it without--well, not ruining it for you--but it would take some time to explore. I'm supposed to be researching positivist legal theory and slavery. So I can't right now.

Some motherfucker on the news said something about SNOW. I think it was just a LIE, I don't see jack on the weather forecast about snow. But give me a break, let it stay NOT FREEZING for just a leeeetle bit longer, please?

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