Saturday, June 04, 2011

Gentlemen, the lunchbox has landed!

Man, the pub I had lunch in today was playing Hot Stuff at one point and now I have a mean craving for The Full Monty.

I bought a new dress today. True to my supervisor's warnings, the girl totally dissed me with her looks. There was a black one and a white one. I actually really thought the white one was cute. She appeared to like NEITHER (seriously, she seemed to be straining not to say, "Well, it's the most recent dress you've tried on"). I was so surprised by this I actively asked which she preferred. She went for the black, but openly seemed to loathe both. But fuck her, I like the white one. (FTW, I could NOT get the motherfucker off due to the inordinately LARGE sensor on the back. I did not realize this for a LONG time and just felt like a giant fat ass who'd have to either live in the dress or cut myself out later. Either way it would involve confessing to the fifteen-year-old 105-pound twat who was huffily waiting outside my room.)

I am telling you, these Dutch people are either the loveliest people or complete and total douchenuggets--they are not into middle ground. Everyone talks shit about Americans, so yeah, at this stage in my life I just grant myself carte blanche not to mince words about my cultural impressions anymore. And in fairness, props to her and her unwanted honesty. I prefer that, actually, to "OMFGTHAT'SSOCUTEDOYOULOVEIT?!"

In other news, Netfux seems to have wised up since I was in Sweden, meaning I am having lots of trouble finking out their system to watch instant download. GRRR. Instant download, YOU SHALL BE MINE.

Suddenly 4 episodes a week of Stewart and Colbert is awfully PALTRY. To be fair, I have yet to seek out The Killing. I know Hulu will not be kind, nor Fox probably. (I missed the House, M.D. finale.)

I have no doubt that is how I shall spend the last month here, based on the prices of EVERYTHING.

Ok, off in search of trouble! X-Men is out, but that will mean walking home from Centrum to Archipelbuurt. I did it this morning (the other way) but it's less exciting when you just want it to be bedtime. Plus I have a Skype date in Mexico to keep! So it may have to wait.

(Which reminds me--if anyone gets a weird call on their cell phone--it's me! I can call you for free with gmail!! So tomorrow I am heading to Delft but it will be a short day. Just me, canals and probably beer in Vermeer-town. Because it has rhyming potential.)


Corinthian said...

I'm saving the House finale on the dvr for you. No worries!

Ellen Aim said...

Saw it! What an upper! Thank you, though!