Wednesday, May 02, 2012

That would hurt my feelings if I had them.

Well I think that's enough rejection for the day. I got a text from Friend B because we had applied to the same government agency, and she had checked her online status to find she had not been hired. I checked and found I had met the same fate as well. I can't say I was surprised, but I had really wanted the job. So I wasn't exactly disappointed, but it's still sucky and frustrating. B said it quite well.

EA: "I like how it says 'not professionally recommended.'"

B: "That's the nicest way to say REJECTED."


B: "Well, fuck it, at least we know."

EA: "I feel as if it should be a little more honest and just say 'didn't even really consider.'"

B: "The federal government is like that guy in high school who shot up 5 in and 30 lbs in a year and suddenly started getting hit on by all the popular girls. It doesn't realize that all these ivy leaguers are going to use it for experience and then peace out."

EA: "Jesus, you just nailed it. I love you. I hope it spends its early 20s longing and pining for the chance it had with me."

B: "Yeah, except by the time it realizes it's hired a bunch of crayon-eaters, we will be baristas."

And then no shit, about five minutes later I got a rejection notice from my new (?) graduate university denying my scholarship application. I seriously considered just hiding under the bed.

But then my client called me and while he understands whatever happens on Friday happens, I think he is also freaking out a little. I know how he feels. Albeit, for far different reasons. Or maybe not. We're both afraid of screwing up his future, my way just involves less heroin.

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