Friday, August 25, 2006

That was more of a yield at that stop sign.

It's very surreal and doesn't actually mean a whole lot yet, but we have a house!!

I bought pain, it had better be mine!

Whoops, upon proofing, that was supposed to be 'paint', but I think it's kinda funny. A little depressing, but funny.

The lights and AC are on as I planned. Didn't really think that whole water thing through, however, which is of course run by the city. That will be a desperate phone call for 8am tomorrow.

The moving chick went out of her way to get people together for Sunday, so it looks like I'm moving Sunday. Which means I am packing like a motherfucker right now. Obviously, I'm not. I'm typing. I'M TAKING A BREAK.

Took D to the airport this afternoon, he is on his way to Wyoming for his grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. His plane got delayed in Dallas and then again in Denver, so he'll be getting there a couple hours later than expected. He hadn't flown in over ten years, so they wanted to make sure he got the full experience. He'll be back Monday. I'd be sad and lonely but luckily I have a jillion things to do and no time.

And I have to flippin' work tomorrow. Except for that part where I run out to Arlington so I can stand there while they turn the water on. Seriously, you have to be there. Blow me.

And the signing wasn't so bad. Except I had a really hard time signing my name. I actually sign (instead of just a scrawl), so it takes more time than one would like when signing thousands of documents. I honestly don't think a single one of my signatures matched the other, and everyone staring while you sign doesn't help. My signature looked like "May Bell" at one point. I cracked up a couple times, though, because of the papers we signed to verify that we had just signed the papers before it. I shit you not.

Then I made D take me to Jack In the Box at 10:30am because I had a tiny little hangover. Magic.

Back to packing.

I may go insane.


Mob said...

Congrats, hope everything goes smoothly, and that your water is the sweetest you've ever bathed in.

Particularly after the special drive and all.

Ellen Aim said...

Thank you! I guess I'm making a dent in the packing...??? Although I almost poured a bottle of water into the trashbag rather than the sink. Might be bedtime.

And D made it to Wyoming. Airport security threw away his toothpaste. I can't possibly say anything that will make that funnier than it already is.

Veloute said...

Welcome to the crazy wild world of home ownership!


Triana said...

Congrats on the house! That is fantastic!!!

I tell ya, I'm so afraid to fly anymore. It's just becoming such a hassle. I guess we'd better hitch up the wagons from now on. Probably faster and at least we could have our toothpaste on the trail!

sKincarver said...

Oh believe you bought pain. Don't get me wrong, owning a home is awesome, but you get the shit like "why does the garbage disposal start when I turn on the porch light?".
And yes, being the Casper white caucasian that D is, is easy to mistake him for Al-Qaeda.