Friday, August 18, 2006

Cynthia Fine says he's got charisma.

Tonight brings us Snakes On a Plane. There was a big to-do on the cinemaslave forum about whether or not people were seeing it this weekend. I think I utterly failed to get my point across in my argument to see it this weekend. I agree 100% that if I want to see a good movie, then yes, I'll wait or, more likely, see the midnight to increase the chances of fewer stupid bitches. But SOAP? Does anyone think this is going to be good? I'm going for the sheer event of it, that's it. The more people, the better. Though yes, I can really do without cellphones, that is a big one I admit.

Although, I did just read cinemaslave joe's take on SOAP, and he actually said it was a kick-ass-fuckin'-good-time. (Maybe not those words). But he said it did an excellent job casting a spell and sucking you in. Just what I need right now, sounds perfect.

The funny thing is, we saw X-Men 3 opening night and it was shocking how few people were there. It had a decent take that weekend, so I can only surmise that showing it on eight screens (ok, maybe 4) in the same megaplex spreads it out more than enough. We were curious as to whether the dropoff in theatre attendance was already this noticeable. Heck, you can usually count me out. I love our sweet-ass TV in all its flat-screen beauty and there is fuck-all to see in the theatre these days--why would I go out?

Ooh, and the boar meat is back on! Our John Locke-esque boarhunter will be going out at the end of September/early October so it's as fresh as possible. I think there will be a ton leftover, as well, since he's planning for about fifty people. Mom and the Veloute clan can stay at the house to housesit and eat my boar! It is sooooo good. This makes me happy as well, because it means I can make the wedding around sunset-ish time (5:30?) and not feel bad about only feeding people dessert! Watch, I'll probably get married inside anyway. Halloween is so hit or miss in these parts...

You know, this is a totally random thought I will flesh out later when I'm less irate, but it occurs to me from time to time that I really need to acquire a lawyer friend. (And gee, while we're at it, a mechanic friend and a dentist friend). I shall add these three things to my to-do list. And must obviously start running in different circles. Harder to throw threats around when you don't actually even know a lawyer.

This is two days in a row a customer has nearly passed out in our store from being out in the heat. And my Milky Way is gross and gooey. Apparently none of us learn.

And none of this explains why I've got the theme from Masterpiece Theatre in my head.


Joe Barlow said...

The theme for "Masterpiece Theater" is in your head to foreshadow your screening of "Snakes on a Plane." Best Picture of 2006, mark my words. ;)

And yes, this is definitely one to see in a *crowded* theater. Don't wait for a matinee. See it with several dozen of your closest friends. Ridiculously fun. And so bad it's awesome.


Veloute said...

I don't think we can housesit. Is that ok? We'll talk. (We'd love to, but there's the cat and all).

I do want very much to eat the boar, however.

Sometimes Masterpiece Theater music just pops into my head, too. I don't know what the cue is.

Ellen Aim said...

Oh no, the mother is housesitting. I just thought you'd like the free digs.

And you may eat all the boar you can handle. It might just be wild pig, I don't know how these things get classified.