Thursday, August 03, 2006

Don't listen to him, he just wants to scrape our faces off.

Our bizarre little entry way...note the Sbarro mats...they come right up (though not fast enough)!

Our li'l cul-de-sac!

Sam & Derek trying to get in...

Looking out if you're in the entry way (soon to be full of plants)!

Derek and my new best friend.

My kitchen, desperately needing to lose the wallpaper. That cupboard back there is built in!

For more crappy pictures, look at the listing. The outside of the house looks nice, but the rest is shit (picture-wise). All their crap is a little off-putting...They don't even snap the fireplace in the bedroom! (I didn't cause they had put their crap in front of it AND it had fake wood in it--ew!)


Corinthian said...

Is it just me, or do I look fat in those pictures?

Veloute said...

Cute! I love your new best friend but at first I was like...why is Corinthian in front of a...coffin?? I didn't think that for long ;)

Looks like a very nice cozy home.

It's nice to see C :)

sKincarver said...

For a minute, I thought Derek was standing in front of a casket.