Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's wrong to destroy literature.

I'm terrible, I know. But the only things that come to mind when I recall the first part of the week is that we made an offer on a house and Tuesday morning the first thing to greet me upon my walking out the door was a dead cat. For just that nanosecond my brain was trying to make sense of the cat lying in the alley (awfully ballsy for a lay-out, even these bastards). And of course, common sense prevails, you notice that his eyes are actually open and there is a blood stain (that remains even now). Despite this most ominous omen for the day, the day was relatively uneventful.

But enough about dead cats, we're getting a house! I took a couple pics, which I will try to upload in a bit. We agreed on a price and they are throwing in the fridge (it's quite old, but it's also nice and deep, if only it were stainless steel! sniffs), a year of security system taken care of, and they are also paying the house warranty for a year. This would include, oh yes, my beautiful spa and the jetted tub. You know, the crucial things.

We're aiming to wrap this up on August 21st, so less than a month of ass pounding, maybe it won't be too bad? Assuming there are no ugly hitches--after all, I haven't set up an inspector yet. Something I'll need to do this morning. How exciting.

Ooh, but one thing I AM excited about would be my good friend Derek from New Zealand is flying out for my wedding! Derek is someone I taught with in Tokyo; he arrived shortly after myself and left about six months after I did. He was always a blast to hang out with, so I'm excited he's coming. He'll actually be arriving in the States Sept 27th and I think has plans to drive wherever a cheap POS will take him. I'm kinda hoping to talk the powers that be into planning D's Real Bachelor Party for the last weekend in September. You know, in the interest of showing a kiwi the sleazy side of Dallas. Well, the obviously sleazy side of Dallas, anyway.

Seen nothing worth mentioning as of yet...though our anniversary (the Cannibal Holocaust anniversary, I guess) is the 7th so we plan on hunkering down at the Arlington Movie Tavern this Sunday (which looks to be about a sneeze away fom our future house--squee!) for a double feature of the Vice and some godawful POS called The Descent D is going to subject me to. I should add that the Tower (of Beer) may play a crucial role in both these films.

Back to piddling around with the lender, the inspector and Sam. Hot damn.

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