Monday, July 31, 2006

That guy's being awfully forward with that donkey.

Oh my goodness, so much to blog about, I should space it out over the week to break up the monotonous "I hate my job and everyone near me," bullshit that eats up Monday through Friday...and most weekends, too, actually.

First off it was great to see Mob & the wife K, plus Morris and his new (approved of by all) beau Joe. We went to the most divine restuarant ever, Dakota's Steakhouse. I would have gone back tonight if the finances that be permitted it. I ordered a side of truffle butter sauce and was two bites into this most incredible steak before I realized I'd forgotten I had the sauce. And oh holy jesus, I slathered each remaining bite and almost caused an inappropriate scene right there at the table.

It also has quite the atmosphere, being underground with sexy marble and a giant wall fountain outside. And you are not allowed to park--you can only valet. Then you take the elevator into the earth, accidentally consume a $16 glass of wine and go from there.

Tomorrow I am talking to my lender and then we just may make an offer on this house! D likes it as much as I seemed smaller to me this time and I'm not sure where my hoosier can really go, but I guess I'll figure it out soon enough. Also didn't realize just how much wallpaper there really is. May just rent a steamer. Won't that be a fun-ass project.

Saw two great flicks today, one from a Cinemaslave recommendation (he was recommending Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, based on the merits of the filmmakers and the fact that you don't need to give one rat fart about Metallica to appreciate the film). In talking about the filmmaker's (Joe Berlinger's) other films, he went on about Paradise Lost, so I found myself renting that one first. It's a "documentary" (it's not too biased, all things considered, but by no means is this an impartial work) about the three kids convicted of murdering and raping three eight-year-old boys in 1993 in West Memphis, Tennessee. It's fairly involved, but long story short these kids were obviously easy targets for taking the blame, as they stand out as the "weirdo/freak" types. However, the kid who got the bulk of the punch, Damien Echols, (who will be executed here in a year or so) was by far the most well spoken person in the damn film. He was certainly a touch odd himself, but regardless. The complete lack of evidence is astounding--and the ability of the courts to uphold the original findings continues to baffle me. What a truly depressing piece of work, and for so many reasons. I think the biggest reason may be just what a goddamn spectacle the people of West Memphis make of themselves. Backwater redneck whitetrash just doesn't cut it anymore, we need a new word. This sort of sums it up nicely, and better still, for anyone who knows the case or has seen the flick, you can scroll down to see what became of the victims' (classy) parents. (Not to mention the suspects themselves and their parents).

The second was a far more upbeat and enjoyable time, Clerks II. I laughed out loud, the conversations were far more graphic than the first (or perhaps I'm just numb to the idea of "snowballing" by now) and as we've all heard, the ending is indeed ballsy. I originally thought re-visiting the film that made Kevin Smith was just an total embarrassment. What has to happen before he'll move on? Given past attempts, I'm not sure he can or even should at this point. And as Corinthian points out so well over at Big Suck Loser, Kevin Smith does do this one thing pretty damn well. My only complaint? It may only be a 30-second cameo, but 30 seconds is still too much Afflecktion. Ok, that and a couple things dragged, but I'll live.

In order to stand on its own, Clerks II had to top or at least compare to the first; no problems there. The conversations are far raunchier, the topics quite graphic (I have never heard the phrase "ass to mouth" used so much in my life), and nothing is taboo. Regardless of all the information I had about the ending, I still had a hand over my mouth laughing my ass off in disgust and shock. All in all, a very decent surprise movie.

Off to do more exciting things, like explore renting wallpaper steamers.

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