Thursday, July 13, 2006

How about Global Thermalnuclear War?

I forgot to mention how appalled I was this past weekend when I went into Hobby Lobby (leave me alone, their frames are always 50% off) and found them setting up aisle after aisle of...yes...Christmas decorations. I know we all bitch that the xmas crap tends to go up a wee bit early, but Christ Almighty. I get that it IS Hobby Lobby, but I also get that it's JULY. Anyone who's that well prepared to start working on xmas stuff this early needs a different hobby altogether. I'm embarrassed to admit that they actually had some really bizarre/cute ornaments; with the excuse of two nieces, I'm good to go.

Well, today here at work we were discussing swearing at TiVO. This suddenly gave me a flashback to typing in obscene commands at the keyboard of my Commodore 64 and what were called (after some googling) text adventures. The ones I have the fondest recollections of come from the Infocom Gallery: Moonmist, Suspect and Witness. We also played the shit out of something that involved being stranded on a beach, finding a hut and not falling in quicksand. Turns out that was Mindshadow. That game used to irritate the fuck out of me, but that doesn't mean I don't recall it with incredibly rosy nostalgia.

I am positively salivating at the notion of going home to download these bitches and hunkering down with fried pickles and beer on the side. It just doesn't get any better.

Fuck. The Melting Pot just sent me their newest "for a limited time" fondue offering. It's this big four course meal involving Gran Queso Cheese Fondue (fontiago + gran queso + chorizo + chimichurri + chipotle), Stawberry Almond Salad with fresh berries and toasted almonds (and I hate salads but that sounds pretty ok by me)...then you choose between the Lobster Indulgence or Fondue Feast entree. I won't detail either of those two...simply too many meats (black tiger shrimp, teriyaki sirloin, citrus-marinated pork tenderloin...). And most importantly, tropical coconut rum chocolate fondue for dessert. I have a hard time eating anything coconut without feeling like I'm ingesting suntan lotion, but shit, I'd try this out.

Ok, enough dicking around. Gotta finish my movie trivia...slow going...


Veloute said...

Wow. I was annoyed to find "Back to School!!!!" catalogues in the mail yesterday, but Christmas decorations? That's puke, that is.

The only text adventure I remember is early Zork...but now that you mention it...I do remember that beach game that seemed to go nowhere (That wasn't Zork? There was a hut on a beach...or am I melding them all together?) Oh, how annoyed I got with those games.

Actually, I was thinking Santa (i.e. ME) should start getting the Xmas shopping done b/c it's so EASY when you don't have to do anything at Christmas. It makes a huge difference.

Veloute said...

I'd also love to go to the Melting Pot with you :)

You don't like salad?

Is this a challenge?

Salad can be a breath of fresh air or it can be slimy hell. I have had sooooo many bad salads.

Corinthian said...

I challenge. If you find a salad that my girl will eat and enjoy, I will give you my super secret recipe for Count Chocula...or something you actually want.

Veloute said...

Ok! So how old is your girl? Little girls can be tricky. What are her favorite foods?

For instance, the only salad my girl will eat is fruit salad or pork salad...if I want her to eat GREEN things (!) they must go in smoothie or they must be peas...the kind you can shell yourself are more entertaining and is why she also likes edamame.

If we are just talking about the ubiquitous Green Salad...that will be more difficult, I think ;)

Ellen Aim said...

Uh, his girl is 27 and her name is Ellen Aim! *coughs*

She likes edamame...just not a big salad person I'm afraid!!

Veloute said...

I am SUCH a moron. I came back here to reply b/c I realized who his "girl" was after reading your most recent post (Look, I am sleep deprived, ok? Well, ok, not so much these days honestly. I am just tired. And obviously not the brightest ball in the playground).

I feel REALLY thick right now.

So, uh, yeah. If your girl is 27 and she doesn't like salads, then bring her whatever she desires.

*hides in her tea*