Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where did you learn to drive, Circleville? I didn't pack a bag.

So I haven't posted in a couple days, I'm lame. I do actually write even when nothing is going on (as anyone who keeps up with this is all too keenly aware), but I guess I've just been lazy.

Did white wine and a disc of West Wing last night, and all of both. The appearance of Mary-Louise Parker has proved to be a promising spark of interest. It was suckin' pretty bad, but one episode containing both Marlee Matlin and Mary-Louise Parker will usually get my attention back on track. It seems they are FINALLY getting away from this dull-as-shit storyline they ended last season with. I do realize that The West Wing doesn't really go with the rest of the things I blog about...it's sort of dorky in its un-dorkiness. But it's well written. And while I enjoy politics, saying I like this show because it's political is like saying "I like McDonald's because it's healthy."

And halfway through the next disc of Firefly, which is still great. Don't really have a favorite character yet. I feel like it's the obvious (and therefore lame) answer, but I kinda favor the captain. He's not annoyingly self-righteous like I felt the captain could sometimes be on Enterprise. And liking Kylee, she's cute, and of course Jayne. I think Adam Baldwin should be an Honorary Not A Baldwin. He seems to have done very well in escaping the Baldwin curse of sucking.

Bought the wedding flowers today, sterling roses for everyone. Ok, not really. But a pretty bouquet for me (with green dendrobiums and eucalyptus--which was in Veloute's bouquet). I hope it comes out pretty, as I won't see the damn thing til the day before. And a bouquet of eight sterling roses for each bridesmaid. I have no idea why we settled on eight, but we did.

D's Not Bachelor party is this weekend. His incredibly conversative Republican brother is throwing it and the dad is coming. In view of the fact that the fiancee does occasionally read my blog, I won't go into details since it's a surpise. Knowing what it is, I think it may be kinda sorta fun. I've never been there and hey, I'm sure it's entertaining. Beer would be a big help, and neither of the aforementioned family members drink. The dad might. But not in the way that one should at one of these places. Oh Christ, I'm just gonna link to it and if you're my fiancee you won't click here. Damn, that shit's pricier than I thought. Which I'm sure is why I've never been.

And before I forget, the mu-shu pork came out very nicely. The pancakes were much easier than I thought, and making the stir fry was very fun. I am just not a mushroom person. I choked down a few but ick. D really loved the recipe, so I'm sure I'll be making it again. Plus it was fairly cheapish to make! I wish I had taken some pics, but the kitchen was just too crazy.

And Brown and I (as Sam is more commonly known amongst the friends) are off to see six houses in Arlington this afternoon. One has a hot tub in a sunroom. *Drools on keyboard.* I bet you a thousand dollars the rest of the house blows. One house has a very 70s-looking wetbar with a wine rack in the wall. I am totally in love with it. Hopefully one of them has my name on it. In any case, I'll probably rant on about the results shortly.


Mob said...

Can't believe you linked the Not Bachelor party site....

O well, seeya this weekend.

Ellen Aim said...

Did I embarrass you! My bad.

(It was my understanding all the guys knew where it was, hopefully I didn't ruin anything...)

Alex said...

Good luck in the house-looking!!

The wedding flowers sound awesome.

Triana said...

Adam Baldwin is more than an Honorary Not A Baldwin, he's actually not of the Baldwin clan. Hooray! :) I love all the characters, I love Jayne, I really love Wash. I guess Inara isn't overly a favorite, nor is Simon really. But I still like them.

Ok, off to check out the sterling roses. Come back and report on the houses!

Ellen Aim said...

Well Jesus, that would explain why he doesn't look a damn thing like them wouldn't it! I knew there were about forty of those bastards so I figured why not.

Good for Adam!

Veloute said...

Those are gorgeous flowers. I love euclayptus :)

I loved the Captain, too, but I think the best acting is done by Jayne. I just love him. Oh, and Kylee, too (did I spell that, right?). Oh, hell, I love them all. Buffy is still sitting here, but soon it will be watched, oh yes...

Oh My God you made Mandarin Pancakes? I am filled with pride! Now I want Mu Shu Pork. It took me years to like mushrooms but Doug brought me 'round. But I still can't really woof them down. Chantrelles are my favorite b/c they are so willowy and mild and sort of apricot-y.

I am stoked you are liking Firefly.