Friday, July 14, 2006

The credits sound like they're drunk!

First of all, as of 8:30 this morning it was officially Armpit Level 5 outside, the humidity and heat ALREADY unbearable. AT 8:30AM IN THE MORNING. I hate Dallas. At least Austin, though perhaps even more moist, was Austin. Le sigh.

I watched MST3K's Indestructible Man last night, preceded by the short Undersea Kingdom Ch. 2. Great stuff. I was in and out, checking on my marinade (god it smelled good), which I actually finished before 1am, unlike last time when I was up til nearly 3...luckily I had several discs of The West Wing to keep me company that time. Great MST3K 'sode, good times. I also rediscovered that you simply cannot makeout during MST3K, it's futile.

Also listened to Cinemaslave's Episode #47. I will have to bump up Coffee & Cigarettes, as that flick just sits like a rock somewhere in the midsection of my 400+ listings...I've even deliberately bumped it back down (and yet I keep it on there). Love the Jarmusch, but just haven't been feeling the love for that one. Though after hearing the review, I know the Cate Blanchett bit will make it all worthwhile.

And better still, someone who FINALLY also makes the point about Memoirs of a Geisha being SO hard to swallow in English. The book is fine in English--it's a book told from someone else's perspective. But the film? Spoken in really bad English? I'm totally awed by anyone who can master more than their own native tongue, don't get me wrong. But it was so awkward and distracting--I mean, why are these characters speaking English?? And in real life, even if they weren't speaking Englsh, these (lovely) actresses are all CHINESE. So it would probably be just as much an effort for them to all learn their parts in Japanese. I'm afraid the only solution is just to straight up use Japanese actresses. So yeah, in the end, just stick with the book.

I'm also very excited for the upcoming episode involving Stand By Me, which is still very dear to my heart. I've continued to watch it throughout the years and it has meant something different to me at each stage of my life. I also find it remarkable how closely the characters have mirrored the actors' own lives. Obviously we have the untimely and tragic death of River Phoenix. And Corey Feldman went off into his hooligan years (blackout several years, come back and bring us The Coreys. Sadly, no, I am not making this up, it's going to be a TV show), but also Wil Wheaton seems to have left the biz altogether to pursue writing. And I thought Jerry O'Connell would break out of the box with the little stud stint he had in Jerry Maguire a while back, but I have not really seen him of late. This will also always be one of the very few flicks in which narration is superbly well-used. Richard Dreyfuss, no less. Usually, as a rule, if I hear narration in the first two minutes, you're starting with a negative score. So anyway, I'm quite eager to hear what Cinemaslave will have to say. And holy shit, look at that. I just surfed over and there it is, all ready for me to download!

You know...I just re-read what I said about Match Point and damn does that sound cold (I assume, for anyone who's seen the film). I just meant...*sighs*. So hard to say what I mean without giving anything away. I just thought the film had a lot to say about class struggle, which is such a very British subject. So not only is Allen shooting outside NY, he's also tackling very non-American topics. Leave me alone...

On a completely unrelated but cute sidenote, Cinematographer Mark's daughter Macon is turning five today. She got her first (pink-sparkly-princess-twinkletoes) bicycle, the purchase of which Mark found to be somewhat moving. "It's like buying her her first car!" So she got the bike, plus training wheels and helmet today. Mark says he just got a text message from the wife, telling him Macon's sitting at home watching Narnia with her helmet on.

Ok, enough of this, time to download #53!

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Mob said...

Coffee & Cigarettes was pretty good, with the Blanchett bit being the standout by far.