Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Get Ready to Bleed.

I admit there's something just a teensy bit girly about Kamikaze Girls that prevents me from wholeheartedly recommending it to anyone who might stray across this. But I have not laughed out loud so often in ages, at any movie, intentional or otherwise.

One expects most Japanese movies to have a fairly high weirdness factor. Infact, I've almost grown tired of what sometimes appears to me as forced weirdness. This movie, however, manages the logical yet completely bizarre visuals that go along with its crazy little story. I think even by Japanese standards it's just a little odd. Throw in two incredibly cute girls (damn--infact, if I could just possibly look a little like Ichigo, I'd be so set. Luckily, starting so far off the mark as I am, I won't even attempt it). (And yes, Alex, I realize if I could just somehow be the Yuki--Ichigo lovechild, all would be right and good in this world. The self-love would be on).

And really, even without that bit of a nod to...oh, female insanity?...right there in the middle, it wouldn't have the great balance that it does. The bloody ass-kicking wouldn't be quite as fun somehow. And it may also be worth mentioning that as the film goes along, it's certainly banking on the audience just rolling with it. And hey, who cares? Who needs believability when fun is on the line?

So many thanks to Alexandra for recommending it. That movie is a ton of fun...I forsee owning it.


Alex said...

Heh. Teensy bit girly. Deeply girly. (Hey, I say it's not really a crime in this case.) Still insanely fun.

(Um... did you get lost there at the middle/end with Ichigo's big backstory-thing?)

pls. You don't want to be Yuki anymore. You really, really want to be Katou. With the intensity of a thousand white-hot suns. Trust me on this one. (Hey, they're both blond. And Katou's hair is consistently more fabulous. But then again, probably goes with the territory of being a gay actor male model pornstar media darling.)

Veloute said...

I must see this. Now.