Thursday, July 13, 2006

He lays me then busts me.

Oh, thank you oh so much Mob, of Dear Bastards, for pointing me in the direction of Cinemaslave. I've been meaning to dive into the world of podcasts, but I've simply just been dragging my ass. I've dabbled, by subscribing to All Songs Considered at NPR, which has been great. However, I certainly admit that upon learning that Cinemaslave is run by my old MST3K dealer Joe Barlow, I did start downloading a little faster. Not only have I added a bunch to the ol' Netflix list, especially after listening to Episode #52 I find myself wanting to pop in some of those old VHS tapes he sent me.

And there goes your shout out! (I'm listening as I type). VERY cool shout out, he seems to quite enjoy your site! I'm envious!

But what THE FUCK was up with the Woody Allen wankfest? I will go to the grave watching Woody Allen films trying oh-so-hard to like them. I guess I can respect the best of them, but they utterly fail to resonate with me. And I LOVE those, shall we say, pretentious talky yuppie flicks. But with Woody Allen, I'm afraid I just draw an utter blank. I DID like Match Point, though I don't need to marry it, as I think Cinemaslave almost might. My big surprise with Match Pointwas towards the end when I kinda, well (I will avoid spoilers), wanted Jonathan Rhys Meyers to get away with what happened. I was actually on his side. I like to think that yes, in the real world it would not be so. And I didn't even LIKE his character--what a sleazebag! And yet...I guess I just didn't want the rich family to be the ones to bust him. I won't go into what did happen, it's certainly worth a watch...I just think once (or maybe twice way down the road) was enough.

And I put In the Company of Menon my netflix, in the hopes that D hasn't seen it. I saw it opening weekend at the Inwood (which I would link to if it weren't pure evil now) back in the day and recall quite vividly that it was one of a kind. I loved it and hated it all at once. Mostly, I loved it but vowed that I really never needed to see it again. As I'm a little older, however, I'm curious to see if it's as disturbing as it was nearly ten years ago. I know it will be, which is my demented reasons for wanting to see it. Inflicting it upon D will just be my excuse.

And I totally recognized that music clip Joe plays from Manos: Hands of Fate, which the MiSTie viewers all voted the worst film of all time. It is so unbearably bad as to render the MiSTie players silent from time to time. Which is why I secretly prefer Mitchell.

And now I'm going to finish listening to this episode while I simmer my Carolina barbeque marinade.


Joe Barlow said...

Joe Barlow's a putz. And Woody Allen is a nerd. And Mystery Science Theater 3000? Totally lame. I even heard the robots are just puppets!

Seriously, nice to spot you again. ;)

Veloute said...

This comment was brought to you by


Ellen Aim said...

Hey, Joe, thanks for stopping by! Sorry about the Woody Allen comments (*coughs*)'s like those 3-D images for me, though. I really want to what everyone else does, I do! Keep up the great site, my Netflix list grows ever-longer.

Joe Barlow said...

Haha! No offense taken, I assure you. Those who are thin-skinned do not last long in the field of film criticism. ;) I'm digging your site as well, and I'm pleased to see that you're liking mine too. I'll have to thank the little birdee who pointed your blog out to me. I wish he was a parrot, so I could keep him on my shoulder. Yar!


Mob said...

If you're referring to me Joe, I'd make a pretty foul-mouthed parrot, it might just get ya into trouble socially.

Joe Barlow said...

Come on, every pirate needs a foul-mouthed parrot! Yar! Walk the plank, motherf**ker!