Sunday, July 09, 2006

Six thousand dollars?!? It's not even leather!

So myself, my fiancee and my sister all went to Fry Street last night. Everyone has big petitions in their windows. I think the shitstorm may begin in September or so. They seem pretty obsessed with getting parts of it declared historical, but I thought the big worry was if the old owners would be able to pay the new rent, especially since they want to specifically put in things like CVS, Barnes & Noble, no doubt a Starbucks or eight. It's so depressing. Denton would be almost completely worthless.

Anyhoo, went to Cool Beans and played this little computer trivia thing in the corner Derek and I got addicted to the last time we went. Nothing like sipping beer in a dark corner playing addictive computer games...and yet for once, doing it in a bar was probably the same price as doing it at home! Love Denton. I think we spent more on the game than on beer. And of course, just as we were leaving the bartender showed us the slew of naughty games on there we hadn't seen! Strip Poker, Peepshow, lots of weird (and probably just creepy) shit. Next time.

One of the best things we saw on Fry Street was taped to the door of Voyager's Dream, with 12 questions you could ask yourself if you thought you were a pothead. Our favorite was, "Does your maijiuana smoking allow you to live in a privately defined world?" I mean, don't I need pot to begin with to even follow that? Don't we all live in crazy little privately defined worlds? Well, it blew my mind anyway.

The timeline is creeping up on us for buying a house and getting married. Still have plenty of time, but it's out there. It's officially getting closer. Still need Derek's accessories (bow, quiver, Robin Hood hat...oddly, I think the last will be the most difficult matching-wise). I wish the man slaying boar would return my emails. I've written two and while it's quite far off and I'm sure he's busy, isn't it just common courtesy to return an email with any sort of reply? I admit I'm not always the best with that--with friends, but this is business! Jesus Christ.

Also finally seeing Pirates tonight. Derek is quite pumped. I read a great review in the New York Times that seemed pretty accurate to me, though the best line was lambasting Orlando Bloom: "Mr. Bloom, as is his custom, leaps about, trying to overcome his incurable blandness, and is upstaged by special effects, musical cues, octopus tentacles and pieces of wood."

Ok, off to dig up some lunch.


Triana said...

*sobbing about Fry Street*

Oh the memories. I know I rarely get to see it anymore, but it was comforting knowing it was there at least. And it was unique, not the carbon copy of every other place in the world they're going to make it in to.

Veloute said...

:( SO depressing about Fry Street.

Come on, Boar Man!

It IS getting closer! I am still figuring out how to get there and no idea on costumes yet!

Veloute said...

Oh, and I love that review, LOL!

Triana said...

*cough* Right! Costumes! We're on did I put the sewing machine. What I can I do with a green Cleo wig?

Mob said...

The guy who reviews movies for the BBC, Mark Kermode, refers to Bloom as 'Orblando Loon' in his review of the Pirates sequel.

Cracked me up.

Veloute said...

Orblando Loon!

That is priceless.

A green Cleo wig? Um, I don't really know? A green crayon? (Can you tell I am trying to organize the destruction that is the Craft Closet?)

Raven Oak said...

We're focusing on the historical aspect because it's part one of the fight. Winning it will make it easier to then protect the businesses. The older buildings lend themselves to local business (just see the Square for examples). Plus, winning stage one gets us more supporters that are 30+ year citizens of Denton. They carry a lot of weight with the city council, which we need. It's sad but true. Plus, they are more reliable voters.