Thursday, July 20, 2006

I was just in there and I didn't see any goddamn pig.

Well, tonight D and I are off to buy a Mac Mini (and a harddrive to go with it, thank you very much). SIGH. Oh well. Nothing like a big purchase before a huge purchase. At least our friend Rob can come with us and diffuse the pain a little with his discount (he works for CompUSA corporate). He warns it may not help much, but I'll certainly take it where I can get it!

Then this weekend we're going out with Sam on Sunday to see four houses I like in Arlington. They all need lots of trees in the front yard--right now they look a bit severe. First up we have House #1. I'm not too sure how to do this one if we like it, as it's a HUD home (the previous owners couldn't make their payments). I feel weird buying it, but maybe it'll be ugly and we won't have to worry... Next up is House #2, with one of the ugliest fireplaces ever. The rest is quite cute and well-lit, though. And House #3, but oh my god. Someone tear down that awful wallpaper before the guests see...and last, but certainly not least, House #4. Damn good potential, if you ask me. 2 fireplaces? Ooh la la. Now if only I had any idea what the kitchen looked like. And anything with a garden tub in the loo is an A+.

And the soggy shart stains at Netflix STILL have not sent my Netflix movies. Well, let's rephrase that. They "sent" them, but they're not HERE. Bastards.

In other not-so-great news, it's a good thing I've been not working at the Angelika lately, as nearly every single person was interrogated over missing money. Now granted, had I worked, I still probably wouldn't have been interrogated as I never leave my little booth. But one guy got fired for having an affair with another staff member who was 17 (he's 31). Now in TX, I'm pretty sure 17 is legal, not that that still isn't a little questionable. But he was an hour and a half late for his shift the next day, so that's that problem taken care of. (Luckily, Landmark didn't give a damn who was sleeping with whom. Otherwise you might not all have an exciting wedding to go to around Halloween...)

Anyway, our friend Paul David got fired, as did some creepy guy named Michael, for actually doing the stealing. They admitted it, as well. PD is definitely more Jeremy's friend (the head projectionist) than mine, but we all know each other through work, anyway. PD had major surgery at the end of last year, from which he almost died, then he moved to Georgia last month to live with his girlfriend (his high school/college sweetheart, with whom things had rekindled), only to take the bus back one week later. It really looked like the year was starting out great for him (post-surgery), but damn. This is a no-shit all-time-low. OUCH.

Still have not heard from the man who is to slay boar for my wedding. For the time being, I'm thinking fuck it. Veloute and I (possibly with the help of Morris) will just make one goddamn big dessert table. Oh, they'll be cheese or something of relative "substance," but it may just be a dessert wedding at this point. I guess the time of day will make a difference. Inside or out...gotta find the house first. It's the weekend we gain an hour, so it gets darker faster. All for having it inside with lots of candles (I have the two candelabras from the house, Veloute!) and Halloween-themey, but Cinematographer Mark might hurt me. I'll ask him later...

If all goes well, then there may be posting tonight! Somewhere!


sKincarver said...

Holy shit! That wallpaper is so bad I think some of my sperm died.

House 4 looks nice, but that's one big ass backyard. Does the D-man like to mow?
Let's hope so.

Triana said...

I'm tenatively voting for #4, but I need to see the kitchen. I reserve the right to change my vote given my mood.

Mob said...

Is that wallpaper or Rainbow bread bags nailed to the walls?

You'd have to be color-blind to eat fuggin breakfast.

Veloute said...

I'd also have to see the kitchen on #4. I think they all have potential, based on the pictures. Oh my god, that wallpaper. Take it off before you unpack a thing or the evil will never leave.

I can't stop laughing at the image of bread bags nailed to the walls.

I do like the dessert table idea :)