Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'll probably get blamed for that, too.

So I think I may have found a house! I won't bother linking to it, as the pictures kinda suck. I almost didn't even check it out; didn't help they still have their shit in the pics, which always makes it worse. Invariably, everyone has very bad taste. The real reason I secretly wanted to check it out? The hot tub in the sunroom! Yeah, baby. And really, just knowing how sweet that would be, I was convinced the rest of the house would be an embarrassment. And no, actually, it's quite nice! A single story in a cul-de-sac and nice neighborhood, low crime according to Arlington's crime stats. There is a screened-off entry way before you enter, if that makes sense...very nice big kitchen with an island (no stove on the island, but cabinets within the island) and smooth-top range, sweet...oh, did I mention the stone corner fireplace in the bedroom? And the master bedroom's bath has a large black jetted tub. (Which is pretty and all, but not unlike drinking out of a black mug...) There seems not to be a shower--gotta use the other bathroom for that, which is a tad odd but not really high on my list of concerns. The living room has wood panelling, but it doesn't really bother me. Lots of personality, I like.

The others were ok, except the one that smelled like (as Sam put it) a crystal meth head lived there. That was the one with the 70s bar. The bar was the only thing that place had going for it. We got the hell out. Scary.

In other news, found a great poster for a really horrid flick I was forced to sit through during the reign of Shock Cinema, a monthly horror fest that had a serious cult following. These guys would rent out an auditorium at the Angelika and put on a really tasteless skit (involving lots of messy special effects--some of our mics still have bloody brain bits wedged into the mesh) then screen a movie. They showed Cannibal Holocaust before my time, which is fine by me since I already had to screen that gem at the Inwood. (I do need to pick up a nice copy of that poster one day, since it (sigh) would be the flick that (as fate had it) happened to be the flick I put together and screened the night my beau and I decided to move past that boss-employee level. I'm not crazy about what appears to be the standard artwork, though I know I've run across a decent poster before...)

Anyway. This would be Cannibal Ferox. Without a doubt, the most fucked up movie I've ever seen and no desire whatsoever to see again. It actually bumped Cannibal Holocaust from the Most Fucked Up Movie spot. Shock Cinema showed the most offensive shit they could get their hands on, their followers lapped it up and I was doomed to tech screen whatever the fuck it was they were showing. I was impressed when Gates of Hell actually did make me gag. Go, Fulci. It was a scene when a woman was pulling an endless thick string of hair out of her throat. It went on forever and it was gross and I gagged. So there. The rest of the movie kinda blew. For Fulci, check out New York Ripper (no, don't); this guy stalks women and kills them and quacks like Donald Duck anytime he's onscreen. It's fucking bizarre.

Anyway. Just kinda wanted a poster of Cannibal Ferox cause it had a great poster and all. There was one on ebay for waaaay too much money. When I got home, however, the fiancee and I started looking at Russian posters I'd seen on the 'net before. We want to buy them all. Great site, and here are some samples here, here, and did someone say Russian propaganda? I love them all.

Oh, and a personal fave here. Quite possibly for the back of the house rather than the living room. The bathroom is reserved for a one sheet of The Sensei I've been begging Cinematographer Mark to get me, preferrably with the director's signoff. What a treasure.

And really, they don't have to be propaganda (but those do seem to be the best ones). What's wrong with some good old fashioned weird shit?

That's my night. Nothing too exciting. Now if only this house thing can go smoothly...*sighs*.


Alex said...

congratulations!!! can't wait to see photos.

Veloute said...

I can't wait to see The House, if it is indeed the one!