Friday, July 28, 2006

It has heavy swearing, heavy breathing and heavy gunplay.

That's a quote from The New York Times on Miami Vice and why it's R. Pretty intriguing review--sounds like it's worth a watch just for the visuals (one of which, Colin Farrell is not). And the review agrees with us there, it would seem. But seriously--great review, gives it lots of credit on the way it's shot, especially as that would be on video.

Shit, just re-reading that title...line me up, bitch!

Work was passable. Cinematographer Mark was there all day, so that helped. He'll be gone all next week, vacationing in Galveston with the wife and kids. Too bad a tropical storm may be developing. My wonderful fiancee bought a bag of gummy bracelets for Macon, Mark's daughter who is obsessed with all things pink and princess-related. (The bag had Belle and Jasmin and some other evil Disney slut on it). As Macon wasn't allowed to have any last night (having consumed a couple Starburst), she was content to just carry the bag around with her all night.

I've seen Macon in action, and even though I usually swear off children altogether, I would kidnap this girl in a second. This is how adorable Macon would be if she were a kitten. She has personality and charisma out the ass and is going to undoubtedly lead the easy life of being fawned over. From what I understand, on the side of things working against her, she is very much not into defending herself or being any part of a shady, unjust world. Let me clarify this: she has a little sister three years her junior, Molly. Molly is one tough hardass. I think the mother secretly really loves Molly's way of thinking, but that doesn't change the fact that she is an absolute bitch of a handful. Sadly for Macon, Molly really fucks with her. Macon finds this unjust and complains to her parents who, rightly, try to find a way to tell her she is bigger and know, without telling her to just beat the crap out of Molly. Molly is certainly a neat kid, too...but that doesn't change the fact I'm a total sucker for the adorable one. As a parent, I have no doubt I'd be on the mother's side (who wants their daughter to be a wet end? Ain't no one gonna fuck with Molly and she's a little over two). And I honestly don't think Macon's going to grow up soft, don't misunderstand me. I think that like any good woman she'll learn the wonderful ways of manipulation and suggestion. And who knows could completely flip-flop by the time they're in junior high.

I just continue to be baffled by the ability of other people to raise children well. I am in awe.

Anyway. The Not Bachelor Party should be in full-swing by now, Medieval Times to be had by all. Am I the only one who can't stop thinking of fucking Garden State? "It says 'BALLS' on your face!!" And I have a fairly decent crush on the Peter Sarsgaard (though NOT in that flick) and how painful for me that he's marrying/fathering the child of my girlfriend Maggie Gyllenhaal. I'll get over it.

Speaking of the Zach Braff, I was blog-hopping and I am ashamed to admit that I accidentally closed the window of whomever's blog I found this on. I even searched by the topic but alas, none was to be found. So I found this elsewhere but am linking to it because it is just too painful and hysterical: Zach Braff on the Babysitters Club. Love the once-over she gives him as they're introduced. As if she's thinking him about hiring him for her secretary. Then he's going to run home afterwards, bawling, "She said she'd give me cabfare--if I fucked her!" Very Linguini Incident.

Ok, I need more wine and something guilty-pleasurish to watch. (Something on my actual television, that is).


Veloute said...

OMG that Zack Braff clip. Ouch.

LOVE the kitten.

sKincarver said...

I will never watch Miami Vice.
#1. Really, really can't stand Colin. Really, I'm not kidding.
#Dos. No one has an original idea. I'm soooo sick of "classic" TV shows being turned into movies I could pull some Charles Whitman action from a high place in Hollywood.

Ellen Aim said...

I kinda failed to mention that unlike most of the crappy TV shows they make crappy movies from (I know so few TV shows and hate nearly all of them), I definitely have nostalgia for the old Vice. It's awful and it takes itself so seriously. I always assumed the film would be an embarrassment, and I still actually expect that, but at least it sounds like it might be interesting to watch. I thought I loved Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider) but his shit as of late has really given me doubt. So I plan on laughing at this, and only at the Studio Grill (so it'll be free), where a steady stream of beer shall accompany the film.

And "sKincarver" almost freaked me out, I thought my Cannibal Ferox links were drawing in a whole new crowd or something...