Thursday, July 13, 2006


I made ravioli by hand tonight, which was fun at first. I think 6, rather than 5, is the proper setting for my future ravioli, but they were perfectly yummy and edible. Cheese centers with cream sauce. It was a little like working at the photo at first, and then a rapid downward spiral into am I done yet? Coupled with leftover brioche, which also turned out wonderfully the other day. Quite buttery little bastards.

Speaking of bastards, surely you remember the worthless fuckwit who comes into the lab during the afternoon to, gosh, how do I put this? "Work?" All this bastard does is fist himself and doodle and yammer keybonics to his little myspace friends. If I stop to wonder how this boy has ever scored a girlfriend, I will never make it back to my point. So Cinematographer Mark is quite the passive aggressive troublemaker, this being a keen example. Let's just say he started it (I mean, I wasn't the one who downloaded a keystroke logger) and I finished it by deleting all of this fuckwit's little myspace friends. And I'll have you know deleting 272 friends took at least three minutes. If you think that's mean, we did actually try to cancel his account. Unfortunately, myspace has safety nets against mean fucks like us (it was going to send him an email to complete the process). So we went with Plan B, which was probably more irritating for him in the long run and, more to the point, our goal. We tried to block myspace a few months ago, but it was impossible to do without it blatantly popping up a box saying, "This site is BLOCKED!" And frankly, that's way too confrontational. Even if we could just blame the owner.

Suffice it to say, work has been a little slow this week.

We started The 25th Hour tonight, which is one of the few Spike Lee movies I enjoy. D has never seen it, and he's not sure he's ever seen a SL movie he's enjoyed. I always found Do the Right Thing to be in the same vein as Raising Arizona in that I was the only one in the room who didn't like it. But he must have at least one other film I enjoy...all I can think of right now was screening She Hate Me at work and cursing the man's name. Getting PAID to watch that was not enough. And I realized Anna Paquin is starting to annoy the fuck out of me. I kinda need her to go away now. Not unlike Keira Knightley--do NOT get me started on Pirates.

I enjoyed the first one fine. A oncer, enjoyable, a surprise. The Depp, who could hate it? But this was like...I don't know, recreating your ex in your head as something fantastic, then going back and fucking him with your eyes closed going, "Oh my GOD, I LOVE YOU!" It was just wrong, it went on WAY TOO LONG, and it was wrong to even go there in the first place. But that's what whoring is all about. Or something. Anyway, D loved it, so I'm glad. And I'm so proud I got through it all without sighing very loudly in the middle of the theatre. Did I mention it was long? And the plot...I know, I know. D cannot seem to understand my beef with the plot or lack thereof. And I'm not trying to kick a disabled kid down the stairs--I realize it's not supposed to be about the plot, but it's just too much shit not to complain. Someone's slapping me mushroom tattoos on my forehead with a really tiny dick and then asking me why I'm not enjoying myself. $99 on the special effects, $1 on the script, nuff said.

The best part of the day (aside from successfully making edible ravioli) was D coming home from his 6am meeting and making me breakfast--waffles, bacon, fresh pineapple (a la Thailand). And the worst part was me realizing I have to come up with a fuckload of new film trivia tomorrow because I've been slacking off. It always seems to bite me on the ass. And it's much harder than I expected...which I expected. It's for the slide presentation preshow enterainment at Studio Movie Grill. Mainstream, but not too obvious, not too culty...and it should be funny, too. Kill me.


Alex said...

HAHAHAHA omfg the Pirates/ex/I LOVE YOU analogy made me wet myself with laughter. Before 9 a.m. and caffeine, mind you. And I haven't even seen it yet.

Mmm, yummy ravioli, and surprise brekky. *envies!*

MySpace troglodyte boy. Harsh, dude, harsh. ;)

Ellen Aim said...

Hee hee, so glad to make you laugh so early in the morning.

Veloute said...

Mushroom tattoos!! *spits out tea*


I also loved the ex analogy :D

I wondered who those clever people were who made up the trivia bits. I never get any of them right.

Let's hear it for passive aggressive trouble making!

If you want fresh pasta and you don't want to waste time with ravioli (fun, but you need some zen), make sheets of pasta and cut them into squares and use them sort of like...envelopes?...and fill them with...well, whatever. I think I made you something like this when you two came to visit while I was at NECI. Chef's Table. Ring a bell? I think I rolled the sheets with herb leaves. Andyway, congrats on the delish pasta and brioche! (We take Fiona to La Brioche for raspberry twists and she calls the shop "La Berry-oche").