Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My dad shot that snake and then went back to bed!

Goddamn. D is off to finish the last 30 minutes of Room 6 and balls if I don't know what that is. It has potential, he says. If I know D movies, it'll end up blowing!

We're holding off on the whole MD/VA thing for now, seems like a bit too much.

Had drinks with Morris, which DAMN, do I need to do more often!! What a great daily perspective to have, if one has the means. I simply adore the ability to make things happen; I could never do it without causing others to spit in my food. Morris, however, practically SNAPPED his fingers at the waiter when my third margarita never made its way to the table--and goddamn if that bitch wasn't sitting in front of me, complete with apology in three minutes. I think you have to possess a sort of divine charisma rather than a tangible loathing for humanity.

My real estate agent broke his toe and is also avoiding the heat. I will double-check the listings, but we could seriously have a house and then a wedding on our hands quite soon. Simply exciting.


Anastasia Beaverhouszen said...

Ok, I must say that I have been reading this dear little blog for a while because it is both a great laugh outloud "armpit level 5" and I am a foodie. So, with this in mind I can not believe that you left me hanging about the Carolina barbeque. I have been out of town on vacation and still tuning in via the palm and nothing...
I didn't get much of a chance to talk to you at Mob's wedding other than setting up rehearsal dinner but I love reading ellenaim's dailies. Remember I worked with Mob for a long while and I am willing to make a spooky bridal bouquet if you need one. Just holler. Do tell the story of the "que".

Mob said...

Yeah, Mo has a great rapport with the service industry that is somewhat enviable, I agree. I've taken the attitude that he and I are put in Karmen's life to make sure that no one runs over her because she's so nice, sop we're here to be bitches to everyone.

The catch-phrase for the vacation was 'make it happen for yourself', which extended to all aspects of the cruise.

PS: we'll be in town the last weekend of the month, so let's start getting excited.

Ellen Aim said...

Mob: Holy shit! So you ARE going to make an appearance for D's "bachelor party?" I'm so delighted.

AB: So sorry about the 'que! I've noticed I tend to do that quite alot--if something turns out well I forget to mention it altogether. Nothing to bitch about? Eh, next! Actually, I was going to upload some pics but keep leaving the SD card at home. It turned out great and we're still eating it. Marinading for two whole days was essential.

Ellen Aim said...

And (duh), thanks for reading this, Anastasia, of course I remember you! Glad it makes you laugh!