Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I've Been Kidnapped By K-Mart!

It stopped raining long enough last night for there to be fireworks after all. And it's hard living near Addison to not see at least eight different shows going on at once. We were already out finding a little Monty Python for me, so we just pulled over in a parking lot with a great view.

I bought an FM transmitter for Derek earlier in the day, as his car stereo does not have a cassette. I thought he should be getting a little time with Superfly Amadeus Shaft. The bizarre thing is that I also picked up a simple cable to attach SAS to the receiver at home. Oddly enough, the FM transmitter works better than the cable. In my world, I always thought hooking something up directly just uh, meant better quality. Apparently not. But it's pretty bitchin', especially since I'd heard mixed things on transmitters, mostly due to big city signal problems. But 87.9 has suddenly turned into the greatest station ever.

Gads, what's wrong with me. I'm being incredibly nice to the customers I usually despise. I'm not in a great mood, average I suppose. Not that I'm ever rude or mean to these people, but I've certainly learned to meet their condescension with a degree of ambivalence and certainly with passive aggressive tendencies (I'm sorry, I can't possibly work on your shit til next week, asshole). But here I am asking them if they want to get it this afternoon. Just like to keep em on their toes, I suppose. Then when they come back all snooty and pissy another vicious cycle shall begin.

On a less cheery note, my good friend Jeremy got dumped. I admit I'd be sadder for him if he was less sad about his season tickets for the Fair Park Music Hall being half vacant for the rest of the year. He misses the idea of her greatly, but she specifically...not so much it seems to me. Especially since I was there (or rather, my ear) for the numerous phone calls back in 2004 when the love of his life dumped him really hard. Now that was painful. He still cannot stop talking about her to this day. It doesn't help that she still floats around Dallas. In any case, now he wants me to help him find a date by Sunday (for Mamma Mia). If there is anyone who knows fewer people than I--people who are single and female and somewhat interesting, no less--I would be blown away.

I swear I am going to finish Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang tonight. What kind of horrible Robert Downey, Jr. fan am I, anyway?

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