Thursday, July 06, 2006

Are you totally deranged?

I ordered something off the If I can manage to remember I ordered something over the next month, hopefully I'll see something in the mail in 2-4 weeks. I think I did. Really should have picked up more written Japanese...

So, is it a bad sign when you decide before noon that you're going to be picking up some tequila on the ride home? I blame the ignorant customers and the incompetent fuckwits at the B&W lab we use. They've driven me to it. When the morons at BWC (the only lab in DALLAS we can use because they process slide film) can't figure out how one of our orders made it clear across the metroplex to Richardson...amazing how everyone seems to get away with incompetence. No one gets fired, we never change labs, everything just kinda shambles along badly. Whatever.

Anyhoo. My friend Hollywood Mark seems to be releasing an interesting album here in a few months. This is the man I met at a screening of his second short film which featured a kid projectile vomiting for a talent show, so I wouldn't expect serious lyrics. Some of them are...hmmm...a little easy for my taste? But I have to admit he has a pretty savory voice...But the last time I saw Mark I had entirely too much vodka (in an attempt to be knocked out on a 13 hour flight, whoa did that backfire), petted Vince Vaughn, and probably did an altogether impressive job of totally blowing whatever cool factor I ever had going for me. So we keep in touch for some reason. And Hollywood Mark should not be confused with Cinematographer Mark, the latter with whom I currently work and who (fingers crossed) may be shooting my wedding.

And while I'm strolling along the shame parade, why don't I share what I bought. Essential. Words fail me. It made me laugh. Had to put one in the 80s mix for the wedding party, it's too priceless. Would have bought the LP if I could have gotten it onto the ipod...And yes, thank you, I got it used. Five bucks, it made me giggle.


Alex said...

omfg. "Essential." "ESSENTIAL." See, I knew I felt a little hole in my life. Obviously this was it. Now you gotta share. ;)

Veloute said...