Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Du Jour means teamwork!

Ok, seriously, will someone buy us this poster of Casting Call as a wedding gift? Come on, it's only 975 pounds! So what, about $1500? Are you fucking kidding? I'll take a reprint, though, it cracks me up. That whole site is great. My other two favorites would be The Curious Female and Rollerbarbies. Priceless.

Had to play mediator between the lender and the insurance agent today because the lender (and she's not even the lender I've been dealing with, but some other chick that my chick delegates to? who the fuck knows) is a bitch and pissed off the insurance agent. The lender sent me an email asking if I could poke at the insurance agent because when SHE tried, the insurance agent "got all hateful." *facepalm* I called my insurance agent (Toni) and apologized that the lender (Liz) was a total cunt (actually, I did say bitch) because well, she is. Even Sam hates her. So I gave Toni most of what she needed and she got everything to Liz a few hours later. Toni needed the appraisal and some digital pictures and had needed them for at least a week. But got nothing. Cause it took them forever and ever to GET the goddamn appraisal cause they dragged their ass. The lenders, it would seem, again and again fail to give anything to anyone. They seem to prefer to sit on their asses and wait for someone to ask for it. This is (I'm told) not how it should work. I forwarded the email about how "hateful" Toni was to Sam (my realtor) who got a huge kick out of it.

So I think everyone has everything. For real, man. And Sam says he's calling Liz when this is all over to tell her just how appalling and unprofessional this whole mess has been. Go for it.

And even better, I spoke with Brandon the Boar Man. That barbeque is on for Saturday, so the wedding is on for Saturday. I'm hoping he has the time to make the jalapeno things (the boar is wrapped around a hollowed-out pepper and then a piece of bacon is wrapped around that, it's YUM, but so time consuming), but we'll see. His huge Halloween party is that night as well, and so anyone looking for a bit of action after the reception, he said, is more than welcome. He's brewing six different kinds of ale this year, they're having a DJ (something I shall never understand...Superfly Amadeus Shaft Ipod is the best DJ in the world!), and even more barbeque.

Time for more packing. Sam Adams and packing. It's fun cause it kinda freaks out the cats.


Mob said...

I imagine the cats to be all "Sooo, what's going on here exactly? No really, what's going on, you're freaking me out, where's all my stuff going?"

sKincarver said...

You named your Iopd Superfly Amadeus Shaft?
Now that's fucking funny.
I know Mob brought this up awhile back. Mine's Glenn Podzig and that's because he's little, a badass and only wears black.

Ellen Aim said...

Yup, he's musically inclined and the blackest ipod in town.

Veloute said...

Ha ha ha!! I love the name. Very creative.

And dang, woman. Your house purchase is turning into a limin' soap opera. I hope it all ends soon with you and Cor soaking in the hot tub, with the kitties purring happily amongst their moved stuff.

I am excited about the boar. I bet it will be most succulent. And good with dessert.