Monday, August 21, 2006

Sometimes she spells the hyphen.

Before I blow my brains out, I will first tell you that we are perhaps closing this Thursday. My telling you is vaguely akin to Mob not wanting the "jinx thoughts" to actually leak out his ears and end up having to work late. I probably just screwed myself merely by telling you. Oh well, I'm used to it.

I am just about done.

Well, it looks like we may move the wedding to Saturday the 28th rather than the 29th; it will make it much easier for the people flying in. And we don't really care, so why not. And I am also thinking, for the honeymoon...wait for it...yes, Austin! I know, give it a couple posts and I'll be espousing the romantic power of Cool Beans and why don't more people spend their honeymoons in Denton? But seriously, it will be nice to see Austin again and show D all my favorite places. AND, the real reason: the 2nd part of the honeymoon will be a weekend (and by 'weekend' I mean at least Thursday--Sunday) in December in NYC, during which time we CAN see Black 47 and watch Julianne Moore in The Vertical Hour. That's the plan for this five minute span of time, anyhoo.

And this way, he can actually eat at Hudson's On the Bend (the wonderful place where I tried rattlesnake and bear...I'm hoping to try their 'roo meat this time; ignore what it looks like, click on the pot that says 'menu'), Salt Lick (THE place for BBQ, even though I secretly always preferred Scholz Garten or even County Line), and surely at least eight good Mexican places. And I've also been pricing the hot air balloon rides...why not. Even if that is the thunderstomy time of year. And hey, even if it does thunderstorm, it's a honeymoon, I'm sure we'll find something to do!

I was perusing the Alamo Drafthouse website, though (downtown, naturally), and they seem to have let up on the cool midnights. The hell's up with that? Seems like Mr. Sinus Theatre is every weekend instead. And hey, that's fun, too, but still...

And the dickholes at Netflix are on my very serious shitlist. Almost always if you send something back Saturday, and something on your list permieres Tuesday, they send it out Monday. EVERY. TIME. SO. FAR. But since this time it's season 2 of House, M.D.,, not so much. Those jerks. Grr.

Ok, this may be the dullest blog entry ever. I try.


Mob said...

I feel your Netflix pain.

Ellen Aim said...

So what if I still have Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang from June and told them I already sent it back? I WILL watch it and send it back one day, I swear. They'd fucked me too many times, I see it as my way of getting even.

Triana said...

Put Castle Hill on your list of eating establishments! It's on 5th and Baylor one block west of Lamar. Get anything but the fish and it will be the best meal ever (I'm sure the fish is fine, but really this is not the location in the world to be eating seafood so it's just not the best).

sKincarver said...

Hmm, let's see....
~Espresso-Chocolate-Chili rubbed Smoked Elk back strap
~Off the hardwood grill-Axis Venison & Rabbit Tenders
~Chipotle BBQ Kangaroo
~Thin sliced Puppy shank in a light vinaigrette dressing
~lightly breaded breaded Parakeet breast w/southwestern dipping sauce

Any chance you're related to Ted Nugent?

Mob said...

That explains the loin-cloth.

Ellen Aim said...

Triana: I have never been to Castle Hill...but don't they have a sister restaurant? I think I ate at that one...Consider Castle Hill added. Your blog made it sound yum.

Skinny C: I knew puppy wasn't on the menu, but I still double-checked. Seriously, they just might one day.

Triana said...

They have a sister restaurant called Mirabelle which is good, but no where near Castle Hill. Woo hoo! I'm glad you guys will go! I highly recommend the basil cheese torta, aka: the cheese log. Bring corks for the forks as you'll be stabbing each other over the last bits and you don't want to cause permanent damage.

Veloute said...

Another vote for Castle Hill!

I think Austin is a rad place for a honeymoon. Hooray!

I have a hate hate relationship with Netflix.