Friday, August 25, 2006

This is exactly why you can't touch my markers.

I have no idea where I left off in season 2 of House, M.D., so it's actually perfect that I have disc 1 while I pack. I've totally seen them all, so attention is hardly mandatory.

Packing the kitchen. I know, I know, it's hot. White hot.

I had to leave work at noon to go out to the house to be there for the window of 1pm--3pm for Water Man. I had to be there In Case. I put the primer on the door (it was dirty and peach, yuck...soon it shall be a vibrant purple. I think all three of us [sisters] should have something shocking and purple about the exterior of our Veloute's case, the whole house!) and started putting wallpaper-be-gone-primer on the entry way wallpaper. I'm going to leave it for now and work on the bedroom instead, since the bedroom will have furniture in it on Sunday and the entry way won't. Well, we hope, don't we.

Water Man came at 2:20 and seriously, went *twist* to something in the ground in the front yard. Two seconds. I had to be there for that? JFC. At least I got some painting done. And did I mention I had to borderline BEG to get someone without 24-hour notice? I mentioned that the website said something about same-day calls having to be in by noon, plus I probably had a fairly desperate the end, she got me my Water Man and I told her she was wonderful. All by 8:02am. And to think it's supposedly so much trouble for some dude to come out and go *twist* that I almost had to go without water til Monday. Woulda been a lotta trips to Starbucks...

Went back to work, the traffic in my city was FINE; Dallas on the other hand...omfg. I-35 and LBJ were just standstills. Friday afternoon, baby. Got back to work for those last two hours. But fair enough, the lab isn't going to shut itself down...and the money we've been spending...every hour counts!!!

My house has WATER. Beautiful, gorgeous water. I cannot wait to sanitize my sexy jet tub.

That spa is sooooo gonna hafta wait. I told D since he gets out of packing, moving, painting, moving, packing, packing...he gets to figure out the spa. Buy me chemicals, pump out the grody other-people-water and make it all nice and new. You know I would totally make the spa my priority but it just isn't logical. I don't live in the spa, after all. (Well, not yet anyway).

Ok, boxes and vodka beckon.

Oh, and Mob should be tickled to know I'm taking my dad to Dakota's tomorrow night (again, too lazy to link) because he's going to help me fix the flashings on the second chimney (oooh how much I like saying 'second chimney') and help me paint, yadda I've wanted to for so long. He used to always try to get me to like steak when I was younger and I just didn't. And now that I'm older, of course I do. When I used to tell my mom about the strange foods I ate in Japan I think she wanted to kill me a little ("finicky eater" may be putting it mildly if one wished to describe me as a child). So I try to take her to Japan from time to time to make up for it (ok, so once so far and here's hoping for March--April 2007...hanami time)!

Dakota's was even better than Bob's Steakhouse. Truffle Butter Sauce. Say it with me now...and Zinfandel....


Veloute said...

And it had to be Oscar Meyer bologna.

Ellen Aim said...

I'm going to get you.

Veloute said...

I'll make you babysit if you do.