Friday, August 11, 2006

I have to return some videotapes.

I somehow got conned into actually working the shift last night, but I did get both Almodovar films out of it, both brand new, squee! Women on the Verge did have a negative scratch throughout the last reel, (at least it's not our fault), but is quite bad in that it's a big white scratch right down the middle. Either all the prints will have it or just some, but it's not my decision to order another reel. I did encourage it heavily, though. The print is flat and mono sound, so eh, I admit I was unimpressed though it was really nice to see it in the theatre.

All About My Mother, however, is anamorphic and Dolby Digital. Very sweet print (plus I screened it in the big house).

Everyone else screened all our prints of Little Miss Sunshine, which I'm told I'd also enjoy. There seems to be a stripper-esque scene at the end (by the wee girl of maybe 8, mind you) that is jaw-dropping (again, so I'm told). Sort of a talent-show scenario? I assume it's funny. Anyway, this will put Toni Collette on 5 of our 8 screens, due to the combination of this and Night Listener. As it should be.

I also got to hang out with the head projectionist, who also just bought a house in Arlington, and listen to him pine and pine for the lack of a romantic female prescence in his life. He has a crush on the new marketing manager we hired, who just broke up her 2 1/2-year relationship on Tuesday. My friend Jeremy is also himself a recent dumpee. In any case, he has allowed himself to get fairly smitten, and last night the crush's ex showed up at the festival. So guess who was mopey as shit. It doesn't help that the ex drives a Porsche and lives at the Mockingbird Station lofts (very shi-shi and right next door to our little theatre). But the ex's name? Jesse. I nearly snorted. And I did refrain from making jokes, but wow, finally someone really named Jesse, it's too perfect. Though I doubt he'll be able to listen to the song anymore.

So now I'm going on four hours sleep (which I realize is so lame to complain about in view of the fact that 2 of the 3 people who actually read this have small children or babies and would probably kneecap someone for the chance to get four hours in a row). Anyhow, got that twitchy glazed thing goin', good to make the day different. It is kinda nice cause the coffee actually does something. Whee. And I'm back over at that shithole tomorrow. Least I got the better part of The Nasty Bits to keep me company.

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