Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ever had sex with an animal, Jack?

I'm so excited. Due to the fact that we at the Angelika are being bombarded this weekend with THREE prints of Little Miss Sunshine, someone (me) has to watch one of them of the two Almodovar prints we're getting for press screenings. There is a mass re-release of eight classic Almodovar films; the two we have tomorrow night will be Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and All About My Mother. I nearly wet myself, whining if I could somehow watch all three. Admittedly, AAMM is probably the better film of the two, but I have an incredible soft spot for WOTVOANB, as I've known it well since childhood. The head projectionist was a little confused, as we'll be getting the Almodovar films again (this just being a press screening), whereas we're actually opening LMS. I adore Toni Collette and would indeed watch the film just for her. But given the choice, even still? Fuck it, give me the other two.

Sony Pictures Classics is responsible for releasing these Almodovar films again, the series is called Viva Pedro, and two of them, Flower of My Secret and Matador have never been available on DVD in the first place. I've seen the latter, but never even heard of the former. I will certainly keep my eyes out for when they sail on through. The films are all being shown in NY and LA this August and will widen throughout the US as fall continues. I hate my crusty anus of a theatre, not that there is a single good arthouse theatre in Dallas. I wish to Christ we had one to really showcase these films well. I have no doubt these will be newish prints (new ones are being struck for the occasion); I just hope they stay that way. Except for Talk to Her and Bad Education, those are two pieces of shit I could do without seeing again.

In the world of TV, I feel totally used by Netflix. I just rented something called Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip (who ok'd that shitty-ass title?), as Netflix recommended it and it's written by Aaron Sorkin (Few Good Men, Sports Night, West Wing) and stars Bradley Whitford (most commonly known in my circles as the scumbag from Adventures in Babysitting), Amanda Peet and (blech!) Matthew Perry. Like a sheep, I totally rented it. It is, infact, a pilot for NBC and I presume is wearing thin via promos plastered all over TV (we don't have TV, so to speak). It is not even out yet and will be premiering this fall. Netflix totally singled me out (which is funny, since they often suggest shit for which I cannot fathom their path of reason) and hey, they were right. There was also a pilot for something called Kidnapped and I so wasn't even curious enough. Just ignored it. (Watch, it'll be the new pink). Anyway, S60 was pretty good. It's the pilot, so I can't really say I creamed myself, but it had definitely potential. Great writing as always, could be really cute and witty. I think we're going to treat ourselves to cable (I feel both defeated and minutely excited at the thrilling promise of hours of self-inflicted (not to be confused with work, mind you) numbing mindlessness yet to come), so I think my Monday nights may have something in store. Oooh, and House on Tuesdays! I'll start googling ways to further yuppify myself. (Though I still like to pretend my choice of TV viewing helps draw the thin gray line...)

Been packing tonight. Jesus F C, we got alotta shite. D is a friggin packrat, but I'm not much better with what could safely be described as 60% books, 38% kitchen, 2% crap. I have barely made a dent. I hate packing. At least we're being professionally moved, that'll be a notch in the Things to Do Before I Die list.

Finished Darkness, Take My Hand, another superb Lehane novel. Next up, my dad checked out The Nasty Bits, the new Anthony Bourdain (yes, this is the chef for whom my kitten is named) and let me take first crack. I did actually mull over the possibilty of New York for the honeymoon (cheaper plane tickets), but as the trip would naturally need to include a trip to Les Halles, well, that would surely be just the beginning of quite the expensive trip now, wouldn't it.

That time again, must go work on shitty slide trivia for the Studio Move Grill. I feel a lame month of trivia coming on for the patrons...

Ooh, and also very excited to see there is a new Cinemaslave podcast, as Joe had been away. Got it downloaded, but think I'll save it for work tomorrow, since Thurs/Fri are my a lobo solo days in the lab.


Alex said...

Hey, Garfield mystery solved-- I found that via Boing Boing, and they just posted a follow-up:

Ellen Aim said...

Sweet, thank you! So funny to see just how
"out there" those theories really were. Still, though. That shit was fuckt.

Alex said...

Totally. And Jim Davis is all "nah. I was just fucking with you! omglol." O_o;

Damn. Bad Education sucked? I was kind of saving that up. Should I avoid? ;)

sKincarver said...

Moving suck ass so bad. We had a giant ass garage sale when I made the trek from Midland to Houston.
It's fun because by 2PM your taping signs to garbage bags full of precious memories that say "Grab bag - $2!!!".

Mob said...

"Here's some baby pictures, I can't stand to fucking pack another thing!"

Good luck with the move, you two.

Ellen Aim said...

Alex: Actually, I wouldn't mind giving Bad Education another go, it's just not real high on my list of concerns.

Thanks for the well-wishes on the move. Last week in August. I'm dreading it. I think I need to have a shot before I watch other people move my antique vanity, glass door bookcase, etc.