Monday, August 07, 2006

It's so stimulating being your hat.

Today is minutely better. Although Derek did already call me to inform me it was barely 10:30am and he was already thinking about drinking. That kind of morning over at the PetSmart.

Ok, it is evening now. We hit the Flying Saucer. I got there first to have a little Dennis Lehane with some thunderstormage that died nearly instantly. Then Rob showed up and we caught up for a couple hours until D was released from the little hellhole full of birds, fish and assholes he calls work. His day seemed much better than his morning. Anyhoo, it was $2.50 Most Pints Night and good times had by all. Even if they were out of Stella. Found out from Rob that the Ghost Bar, infamous yuppie death trap we nearly frequented, is $20 per male just to get in. $300 if you want a table. So needless to say, still happier than ever that didn't work out.

Waiting on the house and the owners...Sam and I figured out which repairs we wanted to ask for, nothing major really, and we also had a foundation guy come out. As it turns out, yes, it does need minor work. There is some vague suspicion that the owners infact knew this, but Sam is going to let them "revisit" the seller's disclosure. In any case, it's out there now and no lender will lend on a house that needs foundation work. It's minor, about $2500 worth of work. To me, I think, holy shit. But apparently that's how foundation work goes.

Could this post be more exciting?

I tried the first disc of Footballers' Wives, the British Desperate Housewives. For the first time ever, I gotta say I was so unimpressed with the Brit side. I hated everyone. Characters in things like these usually are trashy and soulless, but these people were all about five times worse. I just didn't care. I packed while it was on. It had good car-accident-appeal, at least, but I can't say I'd willingly rent the rest.

So it's back to finishing up Firefly, just saw the episode where they all nearly suffocated and we saw how everyone came to be on Serenity. Naturally I was fairly entertained at how Kaylee got her job.

I just read on imdb that Nathan Fillion originally auditioned for the part of Angel on Buffy. Holy shit, I can barely conceive of a world in which I could actually like Angel. I might have actually been sad when he died. But then, if I had liked Angel, whose forehead would I have been able to mock?


Alex said...

Pls, pls, PLS tell me what the "jerk patrol" line is from. I'm going crazy.

So now do they have to fix the house before you can buy it?

(...why does this post say Monday? It's Tuesday, dude! :D )

Alex said...

Or shit, Wednesday, even. ;) My point: I was just in the kitchen and I didn't see any goddamn pig.

sKincarver said...

If I ever own a pet store, I'm calling it "birds, fish and assholes" in Derek's honor.

He's been telling me about the Flying Saucer since the days when we used to terrorize people on AIM. I want to go, godammit.

Ellen Aim said...

Alex: Cause I started writing it on Monday. It saves the date. I was just uber-lame and finished and published Tuesday evening.

Last Days of Disco on that line, referring to Chris Eigeman and his ad agency friends.

We have to see what they are willing to fix on the house, but the foundation is something we don't budge on. Which would blow hard rotten chunks to walk away at this point.

Skinny C: AIM? I'm totally stuck on "ATM action," I'm lost on AIM.