Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You made a woman meow?

First of all, very sad to see the passing of Bruno Kirby, I always found him enjoyable to watch and pretty damn funny. His roles were always very memorable. And it's really weird when they die at a fairly young age...

I think I'm just going to have to tell D not to read my blog until after we're married. I want to rant about the honeymoon plans and his wedding present and I can't do that if he's reading the damn thing! I guess the honeymoon isn't usually a surprise, but since I seem to be the one making plans, it feels like it might as well be! And he doesn't really care where we end up (Rwanda!), so why not.

I thought a really fun wedding present would be to get between 20-30 DVDs--you know, those DVDs you keep meaning to buy but don't, or have been on your list's kind of a bitch because the DVDs aren't always the best transfer and you just don't know until you watch it. So with the rear projection TV, sometimes even though a movie is 1:85 or anamorphic, it still doesn't take up as much of the screen as it should and ends up being encased in black. It's irritating and you can only be a snob about it for so long. I'm over it. So far, I have Reservoir Dogs (special edition, the pink one!), Wayne's World, Prom Night, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Fright Night, Big, Beetlejuice, and Dazed & Confused (Flashback Special Edition). I want to get Re-Animator (special edition), that's a must have. And even though we got together the night we saw (unfortunately) Cannibal Holocaust, neither of us EVER needs to own it. I'll take a poster.

And I bought my dad a bottle of Laphroaig in anticipation of his helping me de-wallpaper/paint/etc next weekend. (I remember buying the same brand in Scotland, though that time it was for an unworthy boyfriend. Too bad I couldn't know then that the scotch was better than the boyfriend). Closing Day got pushed to the middle of the week because my ditzstain of a lender only ordered the appraisal and survey YESTERDAY...which meant I had to push the utilities and movers back a day. I love being on the phone with these fucking places all day. Anyway, the scotch is aged ten years (wanted more, but the price get sharply higher after the 15 year mark, and the 15 wasn't aged in oak the way this one was). I can't stand scotch but I wish I could. As expensive as it is, I'm surprised I don't like it.

On a completely unrelated note, I had the yummiest damn thing today--my co-worker Donna (it's just the two of us in the lab and I am so lucky that we are nearly identical in our habits, mood swings, reasoning, etc), anyhoo, she brought back dark chocolate covered honeycombs from this new little grocery down the road. OH MY GOD. I was actually hoping not to try one cause they sounded kinda...gross. And dark chocolate is not always my thing. But daaaaaaaaaaamn. Like Riesen. But crunchy and then chewy, then a little honey flavor...I can see more of those in the immediate future. Real bad on the teeth.

And still making decisions on the honeymoon. Considering recently events, you'd think tickets to the UK would have dropped off a wee bit (not to sound insensitive). Nope! Infact, tickets to Dublin went from $600 to $789! I'm sure they'll drop again, but I'm still really contemplating upstate New York and Canada (I originally wanted Calgary, Alberta--ever since I did some work on photos taken there I've really wanted to go...gorgeous). And every time I think "Calgary" I get that goddamn Death Cab For Cutie song in my head...which is a good song and all, but after a while I'm done. But upon actually seeing a map, whoops! Alberta's all the way on the other side! Messed that one up. My Canadian friend Nell would be embarrassed.

We would have to fly to New York City and well, I'm pretty sure that would involve stopping at Les Halles. I printed out the dinner menu and drooled a little. So considering we can both get to New York for under $400 (as opposed to $1300) and then spend the rest on FOOD, take the train to Saratoga, up to Ontario, maybe see Niagra Falls, perfect time of year weather-wise (hopefully we'll miss the peepers, otherwise it'll be like Disneyland in August)...I start to think, Ireland? Who's Ireland?

Considering it was 85F by 6:30am, I'm ready for some Canada, baby.


Veloute said...

Upstate NY and Canada in November? There is no foliage in November :) It's still beautiful, though...and there are a lot fewer people than, say, in late September or early October. But maybe it's a winter honeymoon? You could get all cozy in a nice B&B...this is our favorite place in the winter: but there's not much else around...which is ok if you're on your honeymoon, no?

I think I would have to go to Les Halles, however, on your way up. Tell me how the fries are. I bet the rillette is also to die for. Any pork product would be to die for.

Veloute said...

I guess that B&B is in New Hampshire. Just sayin'

Ellen Aim said...

Ok, I didn't THINK there'd be foliage, but I dunno! I'm amazed I realized Alberta isn't really NEAR New York. It was a good day.

And NH is a possibility, I suppose! I'll keep it in mind...!

Veloute said...

Oh, ok! You do know. I just didn't want you to be disappointed :)

We haven't been to that inn in about 6? years but ooooh la la...we decided that was our honeymoon. There's not really much good eats around there, though.

Maybe you should just stay in NY and eat your way (and you know, uh, yeah) through your honeymoon. I love NY.