Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I don't want to go to breakfast with you, it's...dark out.

One last post before heading off to New York City. And it's STILL dark out. In our aim to take one car to the airport, I had to get up with D at 4:30 in the cunting morning to take him to work and then come back here for a 9am interview. I won't bother writing about the interview because it's at an old retail job I've worked at off and on for several years. Every time I think I'm out...yeah, you know the rest. Whatever. A job's a job and if I can know I have something waiting for me Monday morning, I think I'll enjoy NYC a whoooooole lot more. Not that I'm terribly worried about enjoying it.

Ah yes, and the end of January has turned into, "Uh, might wanna call when you get back before you come in." You know, since the doors may be locked. This Friday is the end of a pay period and the next pay period is on shaky ground to say the least. Which is what everyone wants to hear. So today may indeed be my last day. Later, bastards.

But very much looking forward to NYC, we leave late this afternoon and get in before midnight. Drew actually lives in Manhattan; he's getting his PhD at Columbia so he lives close to the university. I'm still eating at Bourdain's Les Halles, unemployment be damned. (Though to be honest, Cinema Mark and I agree No Reservations is somewhat lacking. The voice-over is terribly forced; the best bits are on-camera and usually when he's eating or discussing the food itself. I get that it's a travel channel and that's neat, but there's something about Anthony Bourdain talking about The Troubles I find a wee bit pretentious. Anyhoo. Doesn't mean his restaurant won't be faboo). And tomorrow night will have us seated quite close as we watch Julianne Moore in The Vertical Hour. VERY excited.

So sure she'll be off that night or something, so I'm trying not to get too excited. At that price you're damn right I want Margo Channing and not some Eve Harrington understudy. (Not that I paid; these are Drew's wedding gift to us since he was forced to pull out of the wedding and of being a bridesmaid at the last minute due to the pricks who run his program at Columbia).

Drew also warned us that we might want earplugs. He loves his neighborhood, it's very friendly. But it's Latino and the volume has no equal. I bet I can take it.

I'm also still betting I find NYC more daunting than Tokyo. I know one has 8 million and one has 30 million, but somehow 8 million Americans are way scarier than 30 million Japanese. We shall see. I am definitely looking forward to it, I have not been since 1998. And as best as I can tell, I wasn't all that concerned about money back in 1998. I recall riding the ferry out to Ellis Island AND going up in the Empire State Building, both of which are hideously expensive. I went with Jean Fitzgerald (aka The Temple of Doom at the wedding!), and I'm pretty sure I didn't let her pay for everything! But a trip up in Empire St Bldg? How about $18 a pop? As my dad pointed out, perhaps they raised the price once they became the tallest building in NYC again. Ouch. So yeah, gonna give that a miss. And some route we'll be taking at some point passes right by the Statue of Liberty, so we can check that off as well.

And my favorite New York band, Black 47, takes off the beginning of the year! Figures. Oh well, next time.

I don't anticipate being able to blog over the weekend, so I'll be back Monday at some point! I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures, just no lab to print them in! (sniff!)


Anonymous said...


Have big fun in NYC! I wish I could stow away in your suitcase.

Ellen Aim said...

Thanks! If it were physically possible I'd stow you away any day!

Mob said...

Have fun in NYC, hope you guys have a blast.

alex said...

:D have fun!

"8 million Americans are way scarier than 30 million Japanese."

LMFAO. Word. I felt safer in Tokyo's back alleys than I do in my little Texas city's parking lots in daylight.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are back safely? Eager to hear many delicious details of Les Halles! Oh, and all that other stuff.

Ellen Aim said...

Thanks, Mob! I thought of K when I was snapping the Louis Vuitton building! And we so went into Tiffany's...

Alex: Me, too. But weirdly, NYC felt sooooooo much safer this time. Apparently a large part of it has to do with 9/11. People are a wee bit nicer now. Plus development has really just pushed out most of the dangerous areas.

Vel: OhmyGOD Les Halles was good. It gets its own post as well.