Friday, January 26, 2007

Moby Dick is dunked.

Today is the last day here at work. How...depressing. And the temp place called me yesterday right before I left for the interview...yeah, an old employee is coming in to do the the work for them. No need for me!

But on the plus side, no cavities. But that dental aide was WAY, I mean WAY too cheerful at 7:15 in the goddamn morning. I know that's the stereotype, but seriously! And I really am quite capable of being socially pleasant--though it may be a touch harder at 7:15am--but not everything is that funny! Stop it!

Today is going to kinda blow. So here's something totally off topic; this is from last night's show...cracked me up so much.


daveyyojimbo said...

Brilliant... thank god for Comedy Central. Who knew when it started it would even be half-ass relevant or even moderately good. Should've bought stock in the parent company back in the day.

Ellen Aim said...

Hey, I knew! They were my station that had Mystery Science Theater!

But they really have managed to improve...almost nothing ever actually *improves*.

Veloute said...

Thank you for posting this clip. Oh, that made my day.

Ellen Aim said...

I could just watch the part where he goes, "Right AWAY??" all day. Cracks me up.