Monday, January 22, 2007

This shit's bananas!

Jesus Christ. I just had to go and fuck with it, didn't I?

Much the same way I might whimsically dye my hair I suddenly thought, "Hey! Why not Beta?" and well, here I am. I still have a dorky template. I was hoping I could do more cool things and well, I can't. At least not that *I'm* aware of.

It said it would save my old template *in case* and while it doesn't seem to have done that, it also only deleted my "Worthy Flicks for Jan 07," which figures since I just updated it the other day. Bastards.

I wanted to upload a pic for the background or behind the title, something for a little oh I don't know, PERSONALITY...and you can upload a picture but it just awkwardly jams it in there. The hell would anyone want that?

Grumble. Oh well, at least I didn't lose more than that. Like the whole blog.


Triana said...

Did I not warn you? OMG! Silly silly girl! Actually it's much better than what it use to be when I stupidly clicked on the shiny "upgrade now, you'll love it!" button, but I still don't see the big advantage. In fact *not* being able to access some of the html has actually confused me more. Hmph.

Ellen Aim said...

I know!! And even though I don't GET HTML, I was *getting it*!! I hate editing my template now with their drag-and-drop. I haven't tried to add more stuff on the side cause, wtf? I'm waiting for a day when I know I have more patience than usual.

They got me with the whole "We're OUT of Beta...well...except maybe for YOU. Want it?" I though eh, why not. *sighs*

Veloute said...

Ok, I switched to something but I don't think it's BETA? I haven't fucked with it to see what's new. I am afraid to. I don't get HTML either. At all. But I could figure it out here. Until now, I suppose.